View Full Version : DoC Daemon Prince dedication problems

Drakcore Bloodtear
20-06-2009, 20:09
Ok so I was watching a game and a problem occured the DoC player said that he gave his DP ASF and trapping of Nurgle, the empire player then took the book and told him that it illegal because once you get that mark of Nurgle you have only 50pt to spend and they must only be out of the choices that the GUO has, the DoC player then argued.

So does the DP have to choose out of just the GUO's Daemonic Gifts or can he have 50pt of them and then have 25pt to spend on the DP daemonic gifts?

20-06-2009, 20:13
Page 82 of the Daemons of Chaos armybook.
The text in itallics.

Very clear.
Seems nobody bothered to read it.

20-06-2009, 20:15
a DP dedicated to a god may spend up to 50 of his allowance on the gifts available just to that god. and then the remaining points can be spent on the regular gifts for the DP.

so 50pts to get trappings of nurgle, and 25 points on unnatural swiftness is fine.