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20-06-2009, 21:51
hi back again:skull:
i'd like to know how this item works in a multiplayer battle during magic phase
first of all; is the pool of the two allies one and then shared as the rules dictate or two seperate pools are created?
i ask because if the later is considered to be right then the item would remove d3 dice from EACH enemy player which (the more the better), and only d3 from me(if i play alone).
i think that it removes the dice from the "generic" pool-i.e before it splits so it isn't possible for a side to loose more than 3 dice. am'i correct?

please answer if you know for sure right away because tomorrow there is a big campaign battle 2vs1 (chaos warriors & v.counts vs chaos dwarfs):wtf:

20-06-2009, 22:05
Really depends on how you play. When I play multiplayer games we usually only have one pool (2 dice) for each side. Also all players at the same side performs each phase at the same time. Especially if you have different number of players in each team this is the way I would recomend playing. In this scenarion you only have one opponent pool so you only remove d3 dice.

20-06-2009, 22:29
thanks !!! thats the way we play too:1) power dice divited to allies (1 each)
2)dispel dice divided to allies 1(each)-dwarves+2(ie 3)

not so sure about the dwarves.can you help?

20-06-2009, 22:50
Multi-player games are not supported by the current ruleset. You can play them, but you need to accept that there are no "right" answers to questions like this. You will have to make up ad-hoc rules.