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21-06-2009, 08:21
Ok so I just recently started but had access to many troops so I have already played quite a few 2250 games. I have played DE HE and lizards at 2250 and bretts at 1500. Now the Lizards and bretts I have not had trouble with I just need to work on my deployment. Now the DEs I played twice and am 1 and 1. The first game I devstated him first turn of shooting with my runelord getting the ancient power off and hitting 2 units of shades wiping one and sending the other running. The next game a hydra hit my flank and went down my line taking me out untill it hit my thane but then they were flanked the next round(it was either the hyrda flank me or the corsairs) The HE game I lost in shooting. My rolls sucked and he slowly picked off my warmachines with his BTs. So I have pretty much run the same list with
1 cannon
2 BT
2 Organ guns
2 units of thunderers x 10 each
2 Units of warriors x 20 each
then mixing up between hammerers and ironbreakers and either the dwarf lord or rune lord with a thane and ASB thane with myabe a runesmith when not taking the anvil.
So basicly is what Im running going to be able to be balanced or do I need to drop warmachines in favor of more troops?

This is for the 2250 level.

07-07-2009, 05:23
I find that BTs are useless without at least an Engineer (hits on 3), but i like to give them a Master Engineer, this way they can hit on a 2, rather than 4 without anything.

Also, you could use a gyrocopter instead of the 2nd organ gun. Flame cannons can also be used against horde armies to cause panic. I use it against Skaven and Goblins since they easily break.

Instead of the 2 warriors, try one warrior unit and one unit of longbeards, the extra strength and WS are really good, and it makes your units really hard to panic.

If you are facing a magic heavy army, use a runesmith with MR of balance, to dispel them.
Also, if you have any spare points or special slots, miners can be great, if they come at the right time they can easily take out enemy war machines and skirmishers, or light troops. I dont use them often, but find that they are great in certain circumstances

Hope this helps