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21-06-2009, 07:53
so i finally got my first crack at a demon army, all though it was a small one. he didnt have much time to play so we went for 500 points to keep it quick.

my list was:

12 spear saurus, musician, standard /w a scar-vet with LA and a GW
10 skirmishers
5 cold one riders

his list was:

big unit of plaugebearers(15 ish i think) with a nurgle herald
12-15 bloodletters
2 nurling bases ( the scout base whatever they are called)

the board was a large hill on each end, with a open area in the center. a forest split the open arena into two decent sized paths on either side of it.




xxxxxxxxxxxxxssssssxxxxxxxxxNN <--- his nurgling bases scouted here

s-skirmishers, S-saurus

i got first turn and let him go first.

demon turn 1


His plague bearers turned hard right and jumped in front of the blood letters, who followed slightly behind them to come through a single path around the forst in the center. his nurgling swarms moved up to my flank closer about a foot or so away.

No charges, shooting, or magic(no magic in the game at all actually)

LM turn 1


the skinks moved to face the nurgling bases to shoot them. the saurus and calv just slide left to get in better position to meet the on coming demon line.


skinks shoot the nurgling bases (single shot) and roll 4 6's, doing 4 wounds which killed one base. man i love blowpipes!

Demon turn 2


Nurlings declare charges on the skinks and they stand and shoot with 20 shots. i rolled 6 6's on the first 10 shots alone, annihilating the remaining base. the demon line of plague bearers and blood letters move even closer to the point where i think they are in my saurus spear and definitely cold one charge range.

LM turn 2


The saurus, cold ones and even skinks declare charges on the nurgling unit. the saurus make it by about a 1/4 of an inch, so the cold ones and some of the saurus spear and the general get into a front line charge, and the skinks get a flank charge on them.


This is where i learn that plague bearers have something that make me strike last! his herald assaults my cavalry doing 3 wounds, and i pass all my saves! the guys carrying him also cause a wound by poison but i always make the save so all my cold ones are left standing. the rest of his bearers go after spear saurus and fall balls deep into fail, but the guys on the flank in the rear kill a skink. my turn! the 3 spear saurus that can attack wiff hard, but the general makes up for it with 3 wounds. the plague bearers quickly laugh it off between the ward and regen saves. so now im stuck with my last hope of cavalry. My hope was to hit them hard enough with everything to utterly destroy them and overrun into the bloodletters, and so far thats not looking good and i always roll crappy with my cold one attacks. with my 10 attacks, i end up with 4 wounds from the riders, which he finally fails 2 saves and 2 die. my cold ones go ballistic on the smelly guys and cause another 4 wounds! gotta love the str 4 mounts! they kill 3 more after his bad save rolls. the skink attacks fail horribly as i figured they would. end result was me doing 5 wounds, out numbering, flank and a standard so i won by 8. he needed snake eyes to not crumble and instead rolls a 10 which is just enough to kill the entire unit outright. i got my pursuit wish after all and the cold ones and saurus charge the bloodletters, while my skinks pass thier leadership test to stay put.

Demon turn 3


I charged him so i go with my general first, who manages to kill 2 bloodletters while watching his fellow saurus choke and do no wounds. the cold ones and riders manage to kill 4 more leaving nothing left behind to attack and he lost combat by 7 and again needed snake eyes to stay and rolled a 7 which again was enough to wipe out the rest of the unit.

End of game.

the end was a massacre for the LM. i lost one skink and he had nothing remaining in the top of his third turn. it was definitly a confidence booster after hearing so much demon cheese and how OP they are and reading about them on here. he definitly made a big tactical error by coming at me single file like that though. it was a really fun quick game though, it seriously only took 20 minutes after deployment to finish. the guy is cool as hell to play against.

there will be a larger game for a rematch sometime soon, hopefully 2250 or so!

21-06-2009, 10:06
At 500 points I'd suggest you try the warbands rules, that way you get a little more maneuvering options (among other things)
Nice rep though, and definetly get a rematch at 2000+ demons tend to be tougher there ;)

21-06-2009, 10:10
nice win eulogy!