View Full Version : Seeking aid w/ PigIron/WWMinis WWII guard

21-06-2009, 12:42
Alright, so to accompany my 3 squads of Krieg Engineers I'm looking to use the Kolony Militia bodies and attach either the Westwind minis WWII German heads w/ steel helmets, canvas helmets or their SOTR German field caps w/ gasmask heads.
Here's my dilemma: I can't seem to find pics of those heads on Kolony Militia models to see if they look good. So if anyone has them and feels like putting up a pic or 3, I'd be in your debt.

Also, to go with them, I'm going to use Panzerfausts as melta guns(super dangerous at dangerously close ranges)
Panzershrecks are missiles, no brainer.

But I'm trying to figure out which guns to use as an autocannon(type and where to get it helps), a Heavy Bolter and if there is a specific(even experimental) guntype to use as a plasma substitution.

I'm already working on aquiring 6 of the quad 20mm 1:48 tamiya AA guns to use as sabre platforms with stubbers.

Also, any other gun suggestions are welcome.
So most of it's planned, any ideas are welcome.
Thanks in advance

21-06-2009, 13:10
MG42 as autocannon

FG42 as heavy bolter?