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21-06-2009, 11:42
Ok, as an alternative to my caster list here comes my blunt "Charge and Kill" list. Not very sophisticated but hey!
The tournament I am going to take it has restricted the PD to 11 so I hope I can shut down most enemy magic for one or two rounds (then I am charging anyhow...).

My general is a bit of a danger because he has only a standard safe but then he has T6... I could change it to the 4+ magic save but then he has maybe a problem with stupidity and I just cannot afford to have him stand around for that crucial round. Hmm... any suggestions?

Vampire Lord (lvl 3) 455P.
Dread Lance, Accursed Armour, Black Periapt
Dread Knight, Walking Death, Red Fury

Vampire 190P.
Blood Drinker
Dread Knight, Ghoul Kin

Vampire 180P.
Flayed Hauberk, Talisman of Lynci
Avatar of Death (Great Weapon), Infinite Hatred

Vampire 220P.
Book of Arkhan, Cadaverous Cuirasse
Dark Acolyte, Summon Ghouls

15 Ghouls w/ Ghast 128P.
15 Ghouls w/ Ghast 128P.
15 Ghouls w/ Ghast 128P.

5 Dire Wolves 40P.
5 Dire Wolves 40P.

9 Black Knights w/ FC 281P.
Barding, Banner of the Dead Legion (counts as double unit strength)

5 Black Knight 120P.

5 Blood Knights 340P.
Musician, Royal Standard of Strigos (grants Hatred)

2250 P.
9 PD, 7 DD
78 Models

21-06-2009, 13:22
why you running only 9 black jnights your vampire cant join them if you want them to remain effective