View Full Version : 600pts vampire count

21-06-2009, 12:52
hi my local gaming group are starting are a new campaine starting at 600 pts and ending at around 2000

so how does my 600 pt list look so far

vampire with dark acolyte lord of the dead the flayed hauberk and black periapt 185

10 skeleton warriors 80
10 skeleton warriors 80
10 dire wolves 80

varghulf 175

total 600
my plan is for the vampire to use the 4 powerdice to increase the skeletons size and for the varghulf to destroy and warmachines or characters that look easiy to kill

o ye their is no limit in how much can be spent on chars

Ultimate Life Form
21-06-2009, 12:57
Nice one. Your General though is the absolute backbone of this army and needs to be protected at all cost. Don't do anything risky. Seeing how you outfitted him so nicely, I think you'll be fine.