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21-06-2009, 17:45
K, so this is my list, please comment on it.
I am only playing against O&G atm, and my opponent's been known to use alot of gobbo's and war machines.


-Prince on star dragon 620 pts
star lance, armour of caledor, guardian phoenix, talisman of loec
-Alith Anar 245 pts
-lvl 2 mage 175 pts
annulation crystal
-lvl 2 mage 175 pts
2 dispell scrolls
-Noble - BSB - Battle Banner 278 pts
star lance, enchanted shield, barded steed, dragon armour


-12 archers 137
-18 spearmen 187
full command
-18 spearmen 187
full command


-8 swordmasters 150
full command

-8 swordmasters 150
full command
-15 phoenix guard 255
full command
-6 Dragon princes (+BSB) 230
full command
-7 Shadow warriors (+Alith Anar) 124

-2 RBT's 200

Total 3113

21-06-2009, 19:57
well if they're night gobbos, then you'll need more ranks because fanatics will DESTROY your ranks.

21-06-2009, 21:32
So what if I just add in 2 eagles instead to lure out fanatics. That combined with the Shadow warriors in the woods should do the trick?

30-06-2009, 08:43
I personally do not like the army. I know HE characters can be very good and it is very tempting to make them very effective and tooled-up. Don't forget though that you have some very good troops at your disposal! Spearmen are just excellent, so make those units bigger maybe (24 each) so that you can take losses without losing defensive ability. Right now you have about 1/2 of your point in characters, and this is not effective nor necessary.

30-06-2009, 15:31
8 Swordmasters? I would up them for sure try 12 maybe (2 ranks fo 6). Also why not focus on more troops? The spearmen's attacks will be great against gobbos too so upping their numbers would help you too. The shadow warriors seem a bit questionable to me. I love em and all but against orcs and gobbos? Another unit of archers would be more effective in my opinion. Also how about another noble or archmage instead of anar? The banner should serve you well against the orcs :) Also another combo you might think of for you lord is this: vambracers of defense, armour of caledor, great weapon. - this is what I field my lord with on a star dragon. Its a 2+ rerollable armour, 4+ward, str 5 attacks all around, and even if his dragon is slain he will have the same saves but his str will be 6. (just a suggestion, the star lance combo is never bad).

30-06-2009, 19:20
erm i hate being critical but a few points
1) giving the swordmasters standards in such small units is handing your opponent victory points.If he takes chariots he can wreck majority of your units as will war machines.
2) after you have given the noble the battle banner he can't carry additional magic items.
3)there are no ranks so static is going to be massively against you and a few bad rolls means your army can be in pieces.
4) If the guy brings 2 giants and trolls or doom divers the dragon will stick out like a sore thumb.
5) Alith Anar is a bit confusing as a bolt thrower can do same job shooting wise and the shadow warrioirs should be able to take down skirmishers etc without him.
Against orcs and goblins you usually need flyers like eagles and the dragon is a target for doom divers etc. As well take as many spearmen you can same with archers. focus your fire to flush out fanatics. but you never know i hope you prove me wrong :)

01-07-2009, 11:49
I've always wanted to try Unseen Lurker on a Star Dragon. 3k pts allows that.