View Full Version : Help me build a 1,000 pt orc force

21-06-2009, 22:32
heya folk's I have an unusual problem I'm due to play a friend in her first game of warhammer, but I know her high elf list ergo I know what unit's to take against it.

So I was wondering if I let you folks know what I had if you could give me suggestions on what you'd take- I'm of course not asking for a full pointed 1000 list but really what units/heros items you might suggest for a balanced army.

I ahve-
Orc army


Orc shaman on boar
Goblin hero on foot
Savage Orc shaman on foot
Goblin shaman on foot
Orc boss on boar
Orc BSB on boar

Core units
25 Orc boyz FC, shields
25 Orc boyz FC, shields
25 boyz, AHW, FC
30 night gobos, nets, FC

10 orc arrer boyz, musician
10 orc arrer boyz, musician
10 orc arrer boyz, musician
21 goblin archers, musician
21 goblin archers, musician

5 spider riders, spears, musician
5 spider riders, spears, musician
5 wolfriders, bows, musician
5 wolfriders (unbuilt)
2 snotling bases

3 fanatics

7 squig hoppers
4 spear chukkas
1 chariot painted

Doom diver
3 Trolls


21-06-2009, 22:40
i would go boy heavy and just drop in a doom diver and some squigs.

Da GoBBo
21-06-2009, 23:04
The best balanced 1000pt list I'v ever had was as follows.

30 orcs +shields + FC + Black Orc General + lv.2 orc shaman
2x10 black orcs + shields + musician
Orc boar chariot + extra orc
10 Spider riders + bows + musician (split up if you want)

The list was made to ignore animosity, autowaaagh! and be able to flee and countercharge. It basically leaves out all the fun stuff of the army, but gives you quite a tactical army in return. I like it. It works well at this pointlevel as well but probably has issues versus shooty armies.

22-06-2009, 18:07
i think you should use this game to try something completely different. go msu 2x choppas, putting 'counts as choppa' shield boyz in the back row of each unit so that you get 3-4 12's instead of 2 12's. bsb on boar with the trolls and something other than mork's (i know, you love your mork's totem!). also use 2-3 fast cav units, hoppers, chuckas, and put your general on the chariot

you know its not a super competitive game, so why not try some strategies/layouts that you don't normally do?

23-06-2009, 16:46
Cheers for the suggestions folks

25-06-2009, 21:42
Definitely more goblins needed :evilgrin:

31-05-2010, 04:51
2 BO chars on chariots
3 units of Wolf Riders
3 units of 12 BOs just for the fun of it
Add the rest in as you go