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22-06-2009, 07:28
Hi there. Unfortunatly my troll list doesn't comp high enough to play at my LGS' tourneys (they have a min 10 comp score and a rule that named characters are -1000 pts on the comp, so running two just kills me in that list) and I picked up a Galrauch for dirt cheap on ebay, I decided to make a new list. I have never run a magic heavy list in any of my armies so I wanted to give this one a try. I'll explain my theory behind it after I list it.


Galrauch, the Great Drake 616 pts

Chaos Sorcerer w/ MoS, lvl2, chaos steed 141 pts

Chaos Sorcerer w/ MoS, lvl2, chaos steed 141 pts

Chaos Sorcerer w/ MoS, lvl2, chaos steed, power familiar 166 pts


Chaos Warriorsx11 w/ MoN, full command, blasted standard 276 pts

Chaos Warriorsx12 w/ MoS, full command 232

Marauder Horsemenx5 w/ MoS, Flails, Light Armor, SB, Musician 108 pts


Dragon Ogre Shaggoth w/ great weap 285 pts

Dragon Ogre Shaggoth w/ great weap 285 pts

Total: 2250

Ok so to explain some of the choices, the comp system gives 300 pts for taking two shaggoths and double their cost for taking warriors with full commands. Normally I wouldn't run champs with them, but I need the points to offset Galrauch and shaggoths are just too cool not to take.

Ok so the tactics. It revolves around the magic, obviously. The hope against most armies is that I get atleast one sorcerer with Hellshriek. I will also be happy with one or more getting Titillating Delusions. The basic premis behind the force is that whichever sorcerer gets Hellshriek I place with the marauders. Thats why all three are on horseback so that I have flexibility depending on how my rolls go. At the start of the game the marauders w/ their sorcerer will ride their full 16" towards the highest concentration of low leadership enemy formations on the table. Galrauch will be flying around too, probably headed to some breath attacks, but keeping him somewhat safe. The other two sorcerers will be placed in the warrior units, although if a second or even a third roll a #2 I will probably stick them with the marauders as well. The warriors will move forward to get their sorcerers in range for magic. The shaggoths will either charge up a flank or will be placed to take advantage of any units under Titillating Delusions, hopefully getting a rear or flank charge off.

The first magic phase I will lead off with Galrauch casting something high with four of his dice, probably infernal gateway. His task is to draw out as many dispell dice or a scroll right away. The sorcerers not with the horsemen will cast a couple spells trying to draw more dispell attempts. Then Galrauch will use the three dice in the pool to cast Pandaemonium. Finally the sorcerer with the horsemen will cast Hellshriek. Assuming all has gone well, a large chunk of the enemy (everyone within 18" of the hellshrieker) will have to take panic tests without the benifit of any character's leadership, thanks to pandaemonium. Idealy this will lead to lots of fleeing troops early in the game and, if I have the first turn, lots of units fleeing off the board.

Unfortunatly this does require a lot to go right for me, such as having a sorcerer even get Hellshriek. My other plan is to rely on Titilating Delusions to force the strongest units to march accross the board where I choose and allow my shaggoths, warriors, and even horsemen to catch them in the flank and rear.

If all else fails, I do have 13 power dice, 2 shaggoths, and a badass dragon (assuming he doesnt eat himself) to fall back on. I think it will be a fun list to play that will do ok against most armies. I took the blasted standard on the one unit for dealing with heavy shooty armies. I figure that I can stick my extra sorcerers in there if I think shooting will be an issue. In the event of a high leadership foe, such as elves, I'll probably rely more heavily on Titilating Delusions and make their RBT's march around the board a bit until I can deal with them in other ways. I don't see many people take slaanesh sorcerers, but I think they have a fun quirky set of spells so I look forward to messing with my opponents.

In any event, I'd like to hear what people think about the plan and the list. My hands are kind of tied due to trying to make it comp decent, but I'm definatly open to suggestions about specific item choices and even thoughts on how to improve my general tactics I intend to implement. Thanks in advance for all comments, suggestions, and complaints!

22-06-2009, 08:34
34 models.... I'd say thats your main problem :p

While a nice plan there are to many if's and against the top tier lists you'll really struggle. Your sorcerer will be snipable pretty quickly, and while 3 relatively fast terrorcausers are nasty they don't have the punch to stick around.

Cannons, ring of hotek, undead and demons just to name a few challenges