View Full Version : Warbands advice

22-06-2009, 16:03
Pretty soon a warband league will start. I think that it will either be 200 or 250 points. I plan to bring my Empire troops to it (dwarfs are too slow to be that much fun in low point games) and I was hoping for some advice. I really don't want to go all shooting, nor do I want to rely on a hellblaster (or any other artillery piece). If anyone has experience with non-shooty warbands, I'd love to hear about it.

22-06-2009, 18:06
I would go for a unit of swordsmen, 12 strong with a small detatchment, small unit of knights, 3 or 4 strong and a small unit of outriders or pistiolers for some firepower. Im not sure what you would do for the general, captain if you can afford it but I would probably use a knights champion.
Definately fit in some knights as not much will be able to get through the 1+ save and state troops are brilliant in small levels as you can still fit in a reasonable number as they are so cheap.

22-06-2009, 21:59
State troops? I always picture them winning on pure static CR, something which may be hard to achieve (145pts for the 20 man unit), and without that I don't see how str 3 attacks would do much. Thanks for the advice though, I'll think about it (and the knights/pistoliers are sounding pretty tempting. especially as both can easily smash through small units).