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The Night Sojourner
31-12-2005, 16:21
Its been a while since I have played fantasy, so I was wondering any issues about this list.

elector count 196
full plate w/ enchanted shield, holy relic, warhorse w/ barding, and a lance

lvl2 wizard 120
van horst speculum

warrior priest 135
warhorse, and armor of meteoric Iron

2x 16 spearmen 404
w/ 8 man free company detach
w/ standard bearers

5 huntsmen 50

16 halberdiers w/ shield 252
w/ 2x 8 man free company detach
griffin standard w/ bearer

5 knights w/ steel standard and bearer 156

2x 10 hand gunners 160

16 spearmen w/ shields 112

2 great cannons 200

2 mortars 150

1 Helblaster 125

1 dogs of war: halfing hot pot 50

so how's the list/ keep in mind that I do not like to tailor lists against a specified army. I just want to know what are some significant strengths/ weaknesses that you see. always nice to get outside perspectives.

01-01-2006, 00:49
The only thing I don't really like is the small unit sizes, it makes them easier to panic and easier to lose the combat resolution... which Empire needs because they certainly don't outfight many opponents. I generally say 20 is the minimum unit size I'll take for all but the most elite combat units, but if you're absolutely sure your detachments will make up for the small sizes then don't worry about it.

Lack of musicians can be troublesome as well, I love the +1 to rally and having the tiebreaker for combat is a good idea. Everyone else takes one, so it's usually worth the 5-6 points to make sure you don't lose the fight due to a drum solo!

The list of war machines is pretty impressive though. As a Dogs of War player I know how nasty that Hot Pot can be, and for only 50 pts it's an absolute bargain.

In the end the biggest weakness is probably magic resistance. You've got nothing really... 4 dice and no scrolls leaves you at the mercy of just about anyone with a few points invested in mages. Your offensive magic won't be much to speak of either. Ring of Volans can be a nice way to actually squeak a spell through without investing many points in mages, but I don't know if you can fit it in, especially when the points could be better spent on defense.

The Black Knight
02-01-2006, 18:17
If you aren't going to invest in musicians then just take a lvl 1 battle wizard with lore of animals and get the oxen stands(this works well with my brettonian force but I am not too sure about the empire)

05-01-2006, 01:09
Your unit sizes are too small. Combine the two spearmen units and give them the griffon standard. This will make the unit extremely resilient (for Empire infantry at least). I would also try and bulk up your halberdiers to at least 20 otherwise they cant be expected to do very much. I also prefer to use full commands for infantry blocks, 25 points per block doesnt break the bank and the bonuses can be useful.

I would also replace one of your handgunner regiments with archers and use them as a detachment for the large unit of spearmen and bulk up the free company detachment to 12. The archers make an excellent screen to disrupt enemy charges and to soak up some missile fire while you have more then enough firepower in the form of warmachines.

I would also give the Van Horstmanns Speculum to the warrior priest as you really dont want your mage in melee and if he does end up in melee the VHS wont help him. The warrior priest however can do amazingly well when equiped with it, mine managed to kill off 2 saurus scar vets and an old blood in one game.

Your magical defence isnt that bad, yes some armies will have a huge advantage but then again you have enough defense to prevent your average opponent totally dominating the magic phase. He also has 5 dispell dice due to the priest who also has some handy bound spells.

05-01-2006, 01:38
little weak on magic defense, and swordsmen are better than halbadiers, get an additional level 1 wizard if you can, give him the speculam, then give the the level 2 two dispel scrolls.

05-01-2006, 02:00
Question, why the enchanted sheild on the elector count? With Full Plate and Mounted wont a regular sheild give him 2+ anyway? That should save you 8 points there. I might also drop the Holy Relic on him, he has a 2+ and he is with a unit of Knights that also have 2+ so I doubt he'll see too many wounds come his way unless he ends up in a challenge in which case he is probably going to lose even with the 4+ ward.

Mabey use those points for some more spearmen or to bump the detachments upto 10, or even to throw in a warbanner or two.

05-01-2006, 02:55
With barding he's already at 1+ actually. 4+ full plate, 3+ regular shield, 2+ mounted, 1+ barding.

05-01-2006, 14:31
the enchanted sheild wil still give him a 2+ save even agaisnt S5 opponents, not to bad for 10 points. I would prefer to keep him on foot though and use him to lead the main infantry block.

Swordsmen are the best state troops but the others arnt completely useless, spear men for example are very good defensivly due to the number of attacks they can throw out and as you tend to recieve charges this can be handy. Halberdiers are best left as detachments or reserve units.