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23-06-2009, 17:45
Hi there!

Im still relatively new to Fantasy, not very good at the game, but I've been doing quite well with this army, which isn't magic heavy, wondering if you can help me improve it:-


Lord: Warlord
Weeping blade; warpstone amulet; heavy armour; shield *He also has some other magic item I've forgotten, Warpstone armour?*:p

Hero: Warlock engineer
Blades; condensor; accumulator; stormdaemon; dispel scroll.

Hero: Assassin
Warpstone throwing stars.

Hero: Chieftain
Heavy armour; BSB; banner of the swarm.


25 Clanrats
Full command; ratling gun; handweapons.

25 Clanrats
Full command; ratling gun; handweapons.

20 Slaves

20 Slaves

5 Nightrunners
Add hwpns.

5 Nightrunners

3 Globadiers.

25 Stormvermin
Shields; full command.


25 Plague Monks
Banner of burning hatred; full command; add hwpns.

4 Gutter runners
Tunnel team; poisoned hwpns.

5 Jezzails

5 Jezzails


7 Plague Censer bearers


Or its something like that can't remember exactly, any tips would be really greatful!



24-06-2009, 08:12
Heres my experience, having assembled a 2000-2250 Skaven army over the past 7 months:

Assassin has been so-so, and is definitely overcosted. Another Warlock Engineer for fewer points can be much more devestating.

25 plague monks might be too many in one batch - since they ignore panic tests, all that matters is enough to get into combat.

Nightrunners w/ slings are nice and make a really good flanking harasser. Keep them mobile and shooting rather than charging.

Jezzails have been so-so for me. You're often hitting on 5s, so in groups of 5, usually only 1-2 hit. When they hit, its also up in the air if they'll hurt their target.

PCBs can do well, or they can do horribly. If mine survive to get into combat, they usually don't do very much damage.

WLC can be great or it can be suck. I'm thinking of trading out my 5 PCBs for another WLC.

If you haven't, add a champion to every unit! I used to think "meh, an extra attack for the cost of 2 more rats, I'll take the 2 rats." Then I learned the true utility - even if you lose your front rank you'll still have someone hitting back, and 2 attacks at that! Granted, it might not do anything, but sometimes those attacks may mean an extra 1 (or 2 if lucky) extra combat rez on your side when you get charged!

I've also increased my blocks of rats to 30 for my Clanrats - 6 wide x 5. This means I need to lose 8 rats before I lose a rank or risk panic tests. Additionally, more frontage means more attacks (and more likelihood of some survivors if the opponent strikes first), and generally more rats means I'll outnumber for longer.

24-06-2009, 17:54
Now i've got a few suggestions.

-He's correct and i agree with the assassin. He's over costed, and shouldn't be taken. another engineer would do you a lot better.
- Drop the storm vermin, they're not that good. I know.
- Drop banner of the swarm and give him a warbanner.
- Drop the globadeirs, make the units of slaves bigger.
- slaves need to be at least 21 so that they would have to have 6 die in order to have a panic test.
- you should just run your night runners naked. all that they do is march block, and warmachine hunt, so they don't really need anything.
- add another unit of gutter runners, same set up as before.
- make the plauge monks less large. it would free up points and allow you to get more units.
- and make the units of jezzails 7-9. it makes a big differance.

but everything else looks fine.
ohh, and you need more clanrats too.

24-06-2009, 23:23
I'm with Chaseyboy, add another unit of clanrats. They're probably the best infantry value unit in the game. 5 points for 4+ save in CC and Ld 8 (with SiN)...sign me up! I also agree wih the sentiment of bulking up your slave units.

Definitely want to fill out that tunneling unit, run at least 6 of them or so, you don't want to be getting embarassed by Dwarf war machine crews.

I'd also add some more night runners. Whether that means more units or larger units is up to you, but the point is you need more. Once again, they are an unbeatable value, and no other skirmisher in the game matches them point for point.

You might want to consider dropping the assassin and taking another warlock. I don't see what purpose the assassin really serves. The tunnelers and your numbers will protect you from war machines and magic, and an Assassin with warpstone stars isn't really suited to do anything other than run around and slaughter war machine crews. However, if you like your ninja-rat, who am I to tell you off.

Overall, it looks like a very well balanced Skaven list. I'd definitely recommend adding some small units of Giant Rats (maybe 2 packs) for flanking purposes, as there is no greater joy than denying your enemy +3 rank for CR with a 60 point unit of rats. (If you really wanted to pour the cheese on, you could accomplish the same with 1-pack units of rats: the beloved Rat-pedo.)