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23-06-2009, 19:34
I am going to a 1250 doubles tournament this coming Sunday and wanted to know any ones thoughts about my list. I do not know who my partner will be untill I get there. We will both have 1250 point armies though.

Here is what I have been practicing with in 1v1 games. So far I have done rather well. I have played 3 games 2 vs dark elves and 1 verse lizardman . I have been able to win all three games.

Goblin Bog Boss
Add hand weapon
Light armor
Kicken Boots
Collar of Zorga

Goblin Big Boss
Light Armor
Big Red Raggedy Banner

Goblin Shaman
Dispel Scroll

2x 36 Goblins
Light Armor
Full Command

2x 20 Night Goblins
Short Bows
1 Fanatic

2x 5 Wolf Riders
Shorts Bows

3x Snotling Bases

2x Wolf Chariots
2x Spear Chukkas

2x Pump Wagons

Both dark elf games I have faced a Hydra and killed it in one game. Other game he hid it after I brought it down to one wound with the chukkas.

Again the Lizard man I killed the one stegadon he had with the chukkas.

Thoughts on list that I might come across that will give me problems?


25-06-2009, 18:31
I really like this list and surprisingly it looks fairly strong for an all goblin army, hopefully you'll get paired of with strong partner.
I do have a few sugestions which could improve it.
Firstly, Im not too keen on your boss's kit. He will die way to easily and I cant see him getitng many kills with the 2hw. I would swap it all for light armour, shield, amulet of protectyness, collar of zorga, sneaky skewerer. Although he has less attacks they will be at -4 to opponents armour save and is perfect against heavy armoured opponents as he steals there save, a nasty surprise in the goblin unit.
I would prefere to see magic armour on your bsb to keep him alive, as any smart opponent will target him and easily take him out. The banner is useful but I think its too much of a risk unless you were just hiding him behind a unit.
You definately need to get nets in those main blocks. Reducing an pponents strength is priceless and in my opinion, one of the best upgrades in the whole of the army book.
I would remove the spears to pay for the upgrade and maybe one unit of archers for another fanatic.
Other than that I cant see many other changes needed. With four chariots you do have some 'heavy' hitters and the spear chukas should take out any big nasties.
Good luck and report back how the list does.