View Full Version : Fresh start with vampire counts (2000 points)

23-06-2009, 21:53
Hi all,

with my renewed interest in VC I've come up with the following list. It's supposed to be friendly but still pack a punch competetively. Here we go:

The Court of Drakwald Forest

Vampire lord 365
- The gem of blood
- Sceptre de Noirot
- Power stone
- Dread knight
- Master of the black arts
- Lord of the dead

Not your usual vampire lord builds. His purpose is to raise zombies and revitalize the skeleton units. I almost gave him an extra level, but it would only benefit him one power die and one spell so I don't think it's worth the cost. The Gem of Blood and 2+ AS is a decent enough protection.

Vampire 190
- Black periapt
- Helm of commandment
- Dark acolyte
- Lord of the dead

Another spellcasting vampire. His job is to raise skeletons and use the helm from a hiding place when it's time to break heads in combat.

Vampire 225
- The flayed hauberk
- Talisman of the lycni
- Sword of might
- Infinite hatred
- Walking death

I just love this guy (though I haven't played any games with him yet). CR bonus of 2 is huge and with the hatred and S6 he should be able to give active combat result as well. Also, the talisman can be a nasty surprise for opponent's support units.

20*Skeletons 205
- Full command
- Banner of the dead legion

20*Skeletons 205
- Full command
- Warbanner

The vampires hide in these units and try to make some kills in combat to overwhelm the opponent.

20*Zombies 80

Just to get the third core choice fulfilled. Also, with some luck in the magic phase my vampire lord can make this unit a huge tarpit.

5*Dire wolves 40

5*Dire wolves 40

5*Dire wolves 40

4*Fell bats 80

4*Fell bats 80

For warmachine hunting and to screen the knights.

Varghulf 175

Varghulf should be a solid choice.

4*Blood knights 275
- Standard
- Royal standard of Strigos

The iron fist (or a glass hammer) of this army. They break heads in record time and the price tag isn't too high. 2+ AS as sole protection is a bit weak, but hopefully I'll able to screen them well.

TOTAL 2000

9 PD (10 with periapt) + 1 power stone
5 DD (no scrolls)

So there you have it. My other armies are greenskins and Empire so I'm not that familiar with VC. All constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks. :)