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24-06-2009, 01:34
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25-06-2009, 08:00
1) The Stank may be able to take a lot of damage before it's destroyed but because of the boiler tests it's reduced to an inefficient unit quite soon IMO. After 3 wounds it's really no longer that effective. Taking 2 Stanks and investing almost 1/3 of your army (assuming 2000 pts) in them can be risky vs certain opponents.

2) Knights are very good companions, Outriders are not as you can't shoot with them if they move. You could try Pistoliers instead or simply take another vanilla Knight unit.

3) Blasting is a bad idea as a misfire can cripple your Stank. You can take the occasional potshot at a high priority target (flank of a unit of expensive uber-knights for instance) but you should rely on ramming/grinding for doing damage with the Stank.
Being a bit patient can be a virtue, you want to have a long range charge to inflict as much damage as possible in impact hits. You do not want to get charged yourself as you can do nothing in your opponent's CC phase.

4) Core: Knights mainly, a block or 2 of small (20) infantry regiments with throwaway (Free Company, excellent bait units) detachments.
Special: 2 Cannons to shoot at things that threaten the Stanks (enemy artillery for instance).

5) I personally don't really like the HBVG but I've used the HRB in a tournament and I think it can be very effective. You do need to be able to guess ranges within 2" though, this mostly negates the bouncing of the shot. Scatter can be a pain but you should always try to hit an area of bunched up enemy units.
I've absolutely devastated enemy elite infantry units with this thing, even Dwarves!

6) Depends on said rules. Personally I'd say one. Still IMO the main thing that makes the Stank so strong is that it does not yield VP for being at/under half wounds (most armies can cripple a Stank but it's hard to destroy one) so maybe you should simply say that it does give up half VP.

7) Like I said under number 4, Cannons. IMO they're the only other artillery you should take when fielding 2 Stanks.
With only 1 Stank you've got more points to play with and your army style might incorporate more shooting (Outriders, Xbows, Handgunners) so then some extra artillery might be handy for it's shooting value but asides from Cannons no other artillery really supports the Stank IMO.

Hope this helped!

The Red Scourge
25-06-2009, 10:17
A stank is a poor choice for an empire general to depend on.

Its fragile. T6 and a 1+ save might seem invincible, but massed S3 bowfire will stop it in its tracks or even worse a bouncing cannon ball. As even 1-2 wounds will seriously reduce the STanks dependability - and thats 13% of your force thats rendered useless.

Its lack of overrun makes the STank easy to control, as you can just block its path with cheap expendable troops in order to set it up for a charge from heavy hitters.