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24-06-2009, 03:27
Long story short...

I have grown tired of warhammer. Not so much the models or fluff. Both of which i love even. However i have grown incredibly tired of the game itself. I'll not open up the can of worms that is my reasons for the 40k hatred. Suffice to say my dislike of the game has continued to grow through out 5th edition in spite of my hopes that 5th ed would cure all.

I still continue to play but its more of an excuse to hang out with guys and go to the bar after game night then actually play the game.

Enter Warmachine...

A game that corrects just about everything i don't like about warhammer. Only downfall. That's right, the rules of the game and bussiness practices of the company actually makes sense. The models are cheap to get if you pick them up second hand. And the motto of the game is "play like you got a pair."

There are only 5 armies in warmachine (soon to be 6). Of all the model ranges my favorite was cygran. Though it is a 100% metal range.

Warmachine modelers...

I have seen a few conversions but for the most part i think because of the entire metalness of the model range the conversions are limited. I don't like that. So i started tonight with a model i picked up secondhand. He is a warcaster (Similar to a HQ in 40k).

He used to have a double handed sword. But i figured 2x 1 handed swords is better then 1x 2h handed. Well maybe not better, but definitely cooler looking. I also added some pasticard shoulder pads and repositioned the arms a bit. I need to carve up the green stuff on him and might add some more. Call him 80% done.

Link to a picture of the real model then my conversions.


24-06-2009, 04:29
LackOF, I look forward to seeing what you can do with these models.

25-06-2009, 07:47
Warmachine does have some really nice models.
I wouldn't mind starting a Mercenary pirate force if I had the time.

25-06-2009, 12:19
Yeah i think i like the merc jacks just as well, it basicly came down to which models i could find a better deal on and Cygnar won.

27-06-2009, 03:58
Ok, at the advice of someone on the PP forum ive repossitioned the arm as well as added a shield... well... because i wanted to do it. Think it looks much much better.


27-06-2009, 04:42
The arms do look more natural now.
Where did the Firebird symbol come from?

27-06-2009, 13:18
An empire shield bit from the 6th ed box.

27-06-2009, 15:19
It looks like it came right off a Trans Am.

27-06-2009, 15:47
Interested to see what you do with the warjacks, used to play cryx, but stopped due to lack of players in my area.

27-06-2009, 19:26
The model your refering to is Commander Stryker.
Warmachine is a rather conversion lacking system but the steam punk make it a cool system.
I too can't wait to see what you do with the war jacks.

27-06-2009, 20:11
The jacks might have to wait for a while, we are going to start moving into a new place here next week. After that though i look forward to workin on em.

02-10-2009, 04:34
Hey finally an update. This project got sidelined by all my others, the goal was to wait till mark2 came out before picking up more models and playing. But then PP put the MK2 rules online. A guy at the gameshop pointed me toward a local gaming group that is starting some play & paint sessions, starting @ 15 points and going up. So i picked up some more models and put together a 15 point list.

So here is is.
Step 1, demolish all models and strip them of paint. You can see there is still some paint left on a few parts, im going to let them have 1 final soak over night then hit them when i get off work tomorrow and hopefully call them good.


02-10-2009, 04:41
Lackof are those warjacks close to the size of a dread?
I have been thinking of getting one or two for parts to make a pre heresy dread.

02-10-2009, 07:08
tommygun, i can answer that for ya, the defender is a bit smaller than a dread but its on the small side for a heavy warjack. most heavy warjacks are about the same size as a current dread and the old peanut body rt era dreads are about the size of a light warjack. the arms on a jack are generally very large and should work on a dread with no problem as long as you can make the shoulders and body match right.

i posted this on the PP boardas well but im looking forward to see what you do with those jacks.

05-10-2009, 17:55
OK did some work, mainly drilling out gun barrels & smokestacks.

I also assembled the 2 defenders & the squire (the defenders aren't done yet). I repositioned the Guns higher up on the shoulder and am working on adding a drum magazine. I also cut and moved one of the legs on one of the defenders. I will probably put some rivets on the sprues i used as basing material. I also need to beef up the joint from shoulder to gun.

Think that's about it, more to come later.


Son of Russ
06-10-2009, 19:42
I've been curious bout this for a long time being a Mechhead. Is the game really that good? My Girlfriend will kill me if I start another game.

06-10-2009, 20:50
I'm moving this thread to Fantasy Project Logs because WarMachine is not a Science Fiction Game.


06-10-2009, 21:07
Hm. I'm on a bit of a roll from game to game, at the moment. I bought the Warmachine first edition rules way back and wasn't all that impressed after a few playtests, so I sold it on and went back to the Specialist Games.

But they've done a lot of good things since, and it's probably nearly time I played something by someone other than GW...

Subbed for curiosity.


06-10-2009, 21:13
Cant wait to see them painted. I'm about to start a Cryx force and was wondering where I should post it so this is good for me to see. Keep up the good work.

06-10-2009, 22:30
Thanks for the feedback. Precinctomega, i've only played one game of WM so far but i like it alot. Anyway here is updated pictures. Defender #2 was giving me some fits because i didn't like the way he was posed. I ended up braking him off the base and gluing him back on. I like him much better yet. I'm not sold yet on the "power/steam cables" coming from the back to the gun. I still have lots of green stuffing left to do. Thoughts?


06-10-2009, 22:43
I like the power cables but i think they need to be moved under the arm where they stand less chance of getting struck by enemy fire and wont impede his range of motion. Nice job so far.

Eater of Small Things
06-10-2009, 23:29
Are those hoses just plasticard rods? Nice conversion. I love how minor conversions can augment a model without detracting from the original sculpt.

Not sure that I'm sold on the sprue scattered around his base. It might need something extra down there.

With all the 'flash-in-the-pan' games that have come and gone overnight, I must say I'm attracted to Warmachine simply for its persistent refusal to go away. Too bad no one plays here.

07-10-2009, 02:46
Word, the power cables are just thin pieces of plasticard tubing. I think they are going to stay. For now anyway.

I started on my warcaster conversion tonight. eHaliey will be my warcaster for paint & play group. So i set out some goals and thoughts.

I don't like the "pole dancer" pose of the current model (If you do look away now). I also don't like how the cloak wrapped around her feet. So idea was to cut her arm off at the shoulder and reposition it so the spear goes behind her back. Cut off the bottom of the cloak and green stuff her some feet. Have her jumping/floating/flying in the air like some thing from the matrix with the cloak supporting her.

I think the finished product will look nice.

This presented some problems though.
#1 - If you have never looked at her blister she is basically a 2 piece model (or see "before" picture below). A left arm, then everything else. I figured Cutting off her right arm would be difficult without damaging the rest of the model.

#2 - I will probably try to pin the right arm back on, it is fragile and small. My pinning skills are not that great (ive only done it on 2 models).

#3 - Green stuffing feet

#4 - Green stuffing cloak

Anyway, my biggest worry was #1. Here are the pictures.


07-10-2009, 22:22
Updates of the whole gang & a few shots of haliey

09-10-2009, 23:50
The Victoria Haley mini came out great.
Are you going to have a big flowing robe all the way to the ground?

10-10-2009, 04:12
Thats the idea.

10-10-2009, 08:52
im really digging that epic haley so far but i think i would have use some of that brass rod as the spear extension rather than the plastic. i think the plastic may be a bit too large and way more likely to break off. speaking of the spear, are you going to grind down the old haft in her robe or just sculpt over it?
i must also remember to mod a defender to have a drum mag when the plastic kit comes out.

12-10-2009, 00:09
IM going to green stuff over the existing spear. Though my green stuff skills are not the best, they are above average (i think).

I had some brass rod but it was slightly too thin, so i went with plastic over buying some more brass rod. Maybe not the best reason, but o well.

15-10-2009, 22:07
Did some painting. Currently i went with a darker (black) color scheme.
A friend photoshopped it to be blue, i like it better, so except blue metalics soon.


19-10-2009, 10:08
I love what you've done with Haley. When I start on a new game system, I'm usually too timid to do radical conversions, as I don't feel I know the background or game mechanics well enough not to stray outside what would be considered acceptable, so admire your willingness to dive right in.

I've found the rather "chunky" nature of PP weapons - even compared to GW weapons - rather off-putting, and the thought to clipping them away and replacing them with slenderer examples is very appealing.

As for the paint scheme, I think it would be a mistake to go with blue. The blue is very traditional for Cygnar and is a bit like painting space marines as ultramarines - nothing wrong with it, but it's hardly breaking new ground.

The black is much better, IMO. However, your heavy grey highlights and dark metallics mean that the black blurs into the metal.

If you were to ditch highlights entirely, instead giving the black armour plating a gloss varnish finish, and use Chainmail/Mithril Silver highlights on the metal, you'd get a more dramatic contrast and spanky, different-looking army without much additional effort.


22-01-2010, 03:13
No Thread Is Ever Dead!


22-01-2010, 03:13

24-01-2010, 20:14
Looking really good Jeff. Bring them into the store sometime, I would love to take some shots of them in play for the site!

25-01-2010, 13:55
Have you finished Victoria, yet?


25-01-2010, 17:41
Nope sorry, ran out of green stuff. Ordered some more, should be able to get to work back on her soon.

21-03-2010, 10:23
Very good conversion work. Any progres on Vicky?

02-05-2010, 22:40
Ive never played warmachine or even seen the models in person but the work you have here is amazing.

03-05-2010, 02:59
Love the drum feed.

I've been a hordes player for a few years now, I'm thinking about grabbing some Warmachine to get my heavy metal feed... The Khador mechs look mighty tasty :)

12-05-2010, 03:12
Im sure all yall have similar issues but i currently got about 4 major projects going in the miniature department. Most of these are warhammer 40k stuff, but i have recently just gotten around to getting back to work on my warmachine stuff. Here is eHaley and Darius.

Haley is sitting about 60% done, Darius around 95%.


12-05-2010, 07:14
holy crap, I love how you have managed to retain the original feel on the sorcerer model yet at the same time give it a twist with the small conversion of the staff. In my book of conversions, less is more.

12-05-2010, 07:36
I'm glad you are finishing Haley.
I think it is a very interesting conversion project.

12-05-2010, 17:26
Darius looks amazing.

17-05-2010, 00:56
On Monday or Tuesday i found a pretty good deal on some stormblades & a blister of longgunners. I had 4 of the long gunners already so now i have a unit of 6. I had to convert a leader so i gave him a fancy hat. Also he is the only one of the "reloader" sculpts i have. I converted up the stormblades. I always had a problem with a few of them looked like they were leaning back too far. So i took a few of the torsos and recut the angle so instead of leaning back they are closer to upright or leaning forward. I have included a picture. From behind it looks like he is too tall, but from the front it looks fine. I also painted up a lancer today. I decided that i wanted to have all my jacks (and any other models of importance) have atleast slight conversions. In the case of the lancer i cut his spear away from his forarm, cut off his hand and reposed it. The lancer picture isn't that great. May try to take some better ones later. Also took a group shot of my 2 units & lancer.


17-05-2010, 13:05
Lovely work.


18-05-2010, 21:54
After a discussion today with my friend i decided to make a big effort to take better pictures of my miniatures to post on the net. I still dont think these are awesome pictures, but they are better then what i was posting. You can see below pics of my jacks you guys have already seen (defender & lancer). Ive also posted pictures ofl new stuff. There are 3 halfjacks & an ironclad i call rivet, he is done as far as conversion work goes.


20-05-2010, 01:02
Darius Pics

21-05-2010, 02:14

21-05-2010, 14:00
Loving what you've done with Darius and especially Haley.

22-05-2010, 04:39
The green stuff work on Haley is not perfect, but i think its good enough. I still have to do some touch up work on her and put some static grass on her base (actually all my bases still need some static grass).


24-05-2010, 11:34
I'm tempted to pick up one of these Haley models now.
I could do something similar, but without the spear as an Inquisitor.

Eater of Small Things
24-05-2010, 17:51
Lookin good man. Basing on Haley turned out to be really well. Nice use of insulation foam.

Now let's see some battle reports!

03-06-2010, 05:30
Love the work on the cloak and how you made it seem to flow with the way it wraps around her.

04-06-2010, 23:10
No real conversion work on these guys. I did repose the jr. warcasters sword arm a bit.
I took about 6 pictures, but for some reason photobucket only thinks that it resized one of them.

Ill try to figure it out later.


05-06-2010, 00:27

07-06-2010, 09:37
Bases definitely need something - some static grass would liven them up just a smidgen.


07-06-2010, 12:24
Yeah, semi-gloss & static grass are still on the to do list. I'm going to try to get everything i own painted up to the quality im posting here then one day sit down and seal & static grass them all.

11-06-2010, 20:41
I love how the highlights are clean and crisp, yet don't distract from the model. If you were to paint all your models this way two things would happen. One you would get a personality disorder and or two, the world would be a better place. :)

03-07-2010, 02:08
So its been a while, I've been painting. Spending about 30% of my time of warmachine and 70% of my time on my space wolves army. Ive done a few things (like a unit of storm blades) that i haven't posted but here are the most recent things ive done.

One is the seige conversion im pretty proud of. There was alot of work on his leg so it looks like hes walking. Im also wanted to feature is rockit cannon a little more then the standard model. I also added a helmet, to me it makes him look more "seigeish" if you ask me.

The other is a basic stormclad, though i swapped out the legs for legs from a nomad. I like it, much bigger, much more dynamic.

There is also Aiyana & Holt. I really like the way my stormblade unit officer & standard bearer came out.


03-07-2010, 02:18

03-07-2010, 02:25
Hi Lackof, these are a nice miniatures range.
Maybe more high lights on the metal?
Have you had a chance to look at the new plastic Warmachines?
I'm tempted to pick a few up just for painting them.
I may scavenge one for parts as a pre-heresy dread too.

05-07-2010, 08:34
Hurrah, for Warmachine conversions!

(still need some static grass on those bases, dear chap)


05-07-2010, 08:45
How greenstuff heavy is the jack assembly , I heard they are a pain ?

05-07-2010, 14:19
None - occasional i pin stuff, but on a standard jack, no green stuff required.