View Full Version : best Dark elf balanced list ever?

24-06-2009, 16:41
cold one chariot
sea dragon cloak
armour of eternal servitude (regen)
crimson death

master (in bg)
armour of darkness (1+ sv)
ring of hotek
g wep

lvl 2
darkstar cloak (+1 power dc)

lvl 2
seal of ghrond (+1 dispel dc)
power stone

20 warriors
full com
banner of cold blood (makes them coldbooded, 1UO)

20 warriors
full com

5 dark riders

17 black guard
full command
standard of hagreaf

chariot (double chariot unit)

5 cok (no upgrades, cheap an cheerful)


24-06-2009, 16:53
most balanced list ever? definitly not. cheesy? not really.

24-06-2009, 17:09
title is to attract more views, such is the current kind of lack of replys that happens with most posts.

The SkaerKrow
24-06-2009, 17:14
"Best" would indicate that you didn't have dead points within your army, which you do. Keeping your Sorceresses out of the range of your own Ring of Hotek can be quite tricky, and being as dice intensive as they are Dark Elf wizards do not like increased chances for miscasting. Your Dreadlord on Chariot will attract nearly every S7 attack that your opponent can muster (and anymore, a lot of people can muster them), and honestly isn't bringing much more to the table than a Master would. The Banner of Cold Blood on a Warrior unit seems rather extraneous (especially considering the fact that the Banner requires you to use it at the beginning of a turn, not when you suddenly realize that your unit needs to pass a Break Test on a 4). You've also taken Kouran, which is a terrible investment of points in a single model that dies far too easily to justify its cost.

I would be inclined to drop the Dreadlord to a Master (swap the Armor of Eternal Servitude for Heavy Armor and a Shield, and the Crimson Death for a Sword of Might or Lance to make the points legal), pull the Ring of Hotek out of the list (and potentially make the second Master a BSB), drop the Banner of Cold Blood from the Warriors, drop the Champions from both Warrior units and swap out Kouran for a generic Tower Master (possibly with the Soulrender). Use these points to add a some command to your Cold One Knights (no need to go full command, but I'd at least invest in a musician), a musician to your Dark Riders and add some additional support units to the army (a Bolt Thrower, Repeater Crossbowkin, some Harpies or some extra Dark Riders would fit the bill).

24-06-2009, 17:38
thank you, thats exaclty the response i was hoping for: so ive gone back to the drawing board and should post an new list fairly soon