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bork da basher
24-06-2009, 19:07
going for a skeleton/wight scheme, not too keen on the fleshy side of undead.

im going to be primarily running my vampire lord solo behind the lines as a mobile buffer and raising platform. kitted out with the usual stuff and a the helm of commandment as i never intend to get him into combat. next a lvl 2 vamp again proberly running solo with my lord to cover as much ground as possible, his job if the lord is busy elsewhere is to keep the skellie units boosted up. if needs must they will join a unit and act from there. a vampire BSB leading the blood knights will give the unit a great deal of staying power and with the hatred banner this unit can reliably make it accross the table in tact and hit with incredible accuracy and strength. lastly a corpsecart riding necro with the book of arkhan and extra spell, proberly take invok and vanhels to keep the line rolling along.

my core fighters are all skeleton blocks, 14 strong and armed with hand weapon and shields, by the time combat begins these units will proberly have doubled in size and with the threat of alot of vanhels/helm of commandment etc they can be turned into quite nasty little bunkers obviously relying on static res to get the win. as long as the vamps/necro are alive behind them they will be almost impossible to get rid of easily. a unit of doggies to support my knights finish up the core, mainly because i wanted to use the amazing gamezone dire wolf minis.

special i wanted a big unit of graveguard because a solid tough bunker will help tie the line down and give a little bit of punch to the infantry. 7 black knights with double unit strength banner is next, for the points they can be truly devestating, use the helm and vanhels and it only gets better. finally a unit of 4 bloodknights to accompany the BSB dread knight vamp. these and the black knights can pretty much roll up a flank by themselves. id have liked a vargulf in there too but cant fit him in.


Vampire lord / dark acolyte, master of the black arts, lord of the dead, wristbands of black gold, helm of commandment, 2x power stone / 405

Vampire / dark acolyte, lord of the dead, flayed hauberk / 170
Vampire / BSB, dread knight, royal standard of strigos / 185
Necromancer / corpsecart, unholy loadstone, book of arkhan, extra spell / 205

14 skeletons / standard / 120
14 skeletons / standard / 120
14 skeletons / standard / 120
6 dire wolves / 48

18 graveguard / champion & standard / 246
7 black knights / champion & standard, banner of the undying legion / 168

4 blood knights / 220


2 power stones
2 Bound

24-06-2009, 19:14
good list no much need fr improvement, i know this is abit radical, but what about running flying/scouting vampire kitted out for magic/raising. This guy could hold up the whole army for a turn just so you can get some models on the board. This guy would also help to combat gunlinews.

bork da basher
24-06-2009, 21:27
i did think about it but its a huge risk and could land me in alot of trouble if something should happen.

25-06-2009, 07:53
I'd almost want to drop the necro and use two naked Corpse carts. That would make you a little weaker magically but add a little more redundancy and spread ASF out a bit. But overall i think you have a good plan and a solid list. I might have to give the necro on a CC a try again since I see it on lists so often.

bork da basher
25-06-2009, 08:23
i think 200pts invested in two corpsecarts isnt as good as 1 necro riding one, necro will have vanhels twice with the book which gives ASF anyway aswell as the cart itself so theres 3 times plus the bonus of 1 extra PD/DD for the army. i saw the combo work in a friends army the other day and it covered all his bases really.

26-06-2009, 10:14
Well I hate "wasting" a hero slot in 2k pts on a necro. I'd much rather use another vamp. Even if its a cheap little DA+Summon X Vamp stuffed in a unit. With two naked CC which are 150pts not 200. By naked I mean zero upgrades. But like I said I'll give the Necro on a CC a shot this weekend.

27-06-2009, 22:48
If you want to add another vamp character in, here's an idea I thought of when I went through the new army book options.

A vamp with Dark Acolyte and Avatar of Death (with 2 hand weapons), Black Periapt, Talisman of Lycni (movement 9), and that heavy armor which is -2 to hit when shooting at him (can't think of the name). Now you have a good warmachine hunter, who boosts magic and mixes things up a bit.