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Boss Zagstruk
24-06-2009, 23:51
Just curious if anyones has experience with a Alaitoc themed eldar army. I generally love anything stealth like. Pathfinders seem to rock especially when combined with a guide/doom farseer.

I was thinking of a list that involved a farseer, pathfinders, jetbikes (scout wraith drone? I hate the current models), striking scorpians (possibly Karandras), harliquins, warp spiders, 2 units of war walkers ( one anti horde and one anti mech).

The majority of the army is fast, stealth and can shoot the hell out of things.

Anyways some help would be kwl :)

25-06-2009, 00:24
Back in 4th it worked a charm, i had a 1k army with 15 pathfinders, some avengers and war walkers, and could hide all but the pathfinders out of LOS, the pathfinders being immune to 5/6 hits. (That was with the current codex, obviously back in the days of the craftword book, it was insane)

Nowadays the stealth approach simply doesnt work. True LOS, the meta switching to faster armies, and mechanised doesnt suit the old logic of hiding, wasting all that can return fire, wrinse/repeat.

That said, theres no reason not to theme your army around alaitoc/pathfinders. Just dont go overboard. Pathfinders are still a useful unit, scorpions are still very handy, on the offense, warp spiders are held in high regard in offense also. Harlies are great if used right, ie counter assualt, and war walkers are verging on overpowered with the right loadouts.

Hope thats some help, if i knew a powerful alaitoc build i would let you know, but all i can suggest is not to go overboard on the pathfinders (cover cripples their output) or stealth, (it just doesnt work out in 40K)

Deuce Blue
25-06-2009, 00:27
I don't have any experience with the army, but I think the theme and look of Alaitoc Eldar is awesome. Especially that converted army featured in the 5th edition rulebook. I am curious to see what others think as far as the playability of the army currently.

25-06-2009, 00:45
I'm playing an Alaitoc force in a league currently. I'm not using a very strong theme, but have included some sneaky units. At 1000 points I'm using:

1x Autarch (Warp Jump Gen, Fusion gun)
6x Pathfinders
8x Dire Avengers
6x Warp Spiders
6x Dragons
2x War Walkers
1x Fire Prism

Pretty balanced and 1/1/0 so far. As the army grows (we add 500pts each month) I anticipate adding another squad of Pathfinders and 2 more War Walkers for added Alaitoc-i-ness.

25-06-2009, 05:07
When I was using my 4th edition Alaitoc army, It was about:

1 Farseer w/ Fortune/ Doom
15-20 Pathfinders
15 Warp Spiders
10 Dire Avengers w/ Wave Serpent
6 Fire Dragons w/ Wave Serpent
10 Guardian Jetbikes

That was the general idea of the list. My idea was a scouting/ recon force.

25-06-2009, 05:16
Pathfinders are pretty ridiculous atm.. you just need to make sure you have enough anti-tank to pop the mech so you can shoot some stuff.