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25-06-2009, 05:31
Right so I am trying to work out an army before I start collecting any models and I haven't ever played a game so if this is all retarded or obvious then go easy on me!

Vampire Lord
-+2 magic levels
-Dread Knight, Infinite Hatred, Walking Death
-Walachs Bloody Hauberk.
-2 x Dispel scroll. 495 pts

-Dread Knight, Infinite Hatred
-Battle standard bearer - Drakenhoff Banner 308 pts

-Avatar of Death (hand weapon and shield)
-Flying horror
-Cursed Book
-Wristbands of Black Gold 200 pts

20 x zombies 80 pts
20 x zombies 80 pts
20 x zombies 80 pts
20 x zombies 80 pts

2 x Corpse carts
- Balefire 200 pts

20 x Grave guard
-Standard Bearer
-Seneschal 270 pts

9 x Blood Knights
-Standard bearer - Flag of Blood Keep 620 pts

10 x Dire Wolves 80 pts

Total points = 2493 (i think)

The Lord joins the grave guard and the mounted vampire joins the blood knights.
The grave guard unit go front and centre with two units of zombies either side and a corpse cart in between the two.
Blood Knights run up a wing and then smash along the lines.
Dire wolves are there to make up the points and to act as an annoyance by missaligning the enemy units or they can work as the cheap end of a pincer movement with the blood knights.
Are the blood knights too much, i don't know because frenzy can be heavily exploited by your opponent and I have never actually seen a vampire counts army in action so although I am aware of the whole death star comments i don't know whether to go full cheesey army i add something else or not.
At the moment i like cavalry and i like swarms of undead hence my picks...
Comment away.:)

25-06-2009, 15:41
I haven't played my VC in quite some time, but I'll try to give you some help. Before your start consider two questions. Is 2500 the usual points played in your area? You might want to start building at a lower point value and bring it up slowly as you learn the game/list. Also, what do most people bring as their core? I'm not a big fan of low points core and using heavy characters. My core usually runs at least 25% (even in my HE), but I like static resolution and I like the Skeleton models. Now, on to the list:

1 - Your Lord can't have +2 levels unless you take Dark Acolyte, which you don't have points for with this build. So, he would be a Lvl 3. If you want him to have DA, you would have to drop IH or WD. As a Lvl 4, I calculate his cost at 430 pts

2 - I'm not sure about your BSB. Since you are running him with the GG, you may consider changing him to a Wight. Get the GG the Banner of the Barrows. Regen is nice, but some people might complain. If you keep the Drak Banner, great. If not, give the Wight BSB the Sword of Kings. You could also bump up the GG to 23 models. This give you 4 ranks of 6, with the BSB. If you really like calvary, you could change the GG into Black Knights.

3 - Consider putting a GW on your Flying Vampire. Str 7 instant kills chariots. If you're worried about the armor saves, give him the Falyed Hauberk. If you want to be really nasty, give him Hunter in the Dark, Talisman of the Lycni, and Armor of Night (or just keep the Flayed Hauberk). You won't move quite as fast as flying, but you can start within charge range of your enemy (if you can get a good scout placement).

4 - Way too many Blood Knights. The extra rank you get doesn't equal the points. Drop them down to 5 or even 4 since you plan to run your lord with them. This will give you a lot of points to play with. You could add a Varghulf with the extra points (my personal favorite).

I'm not sure exactly how well it will play because I run a lot more power dice and skeletons. I have also never used the Blood Knights, I use Black Knights. Hope this helps.

25-06-2009, 19:43
meh to many zombies already on table u should reduce so that they can be raised instead

Le Shirrif
25-06-2009, 19:44
Agreed. You should only take the minimum required amount of zombies to start with, and raise more as you play.

Lord Hurin
25-06-2009, 22:14
Something nobody has mentioned: why are you paying for Nightmares on your first two Vampires? The Dread Knight gives them a Barded Nightmare.

26-06-2009, 02:55
Thanks. The plan is to run the lord with the grave guard and the battle standard bearer with the blood knights so that they never die.
Good points about the nightmares, that was a tad stupid on my part :D
The local tourny is 2500 pts which is why everyone here plays that total!
So on a general point is it better to go combat heavy or magic heavy?

26-06-2009, 05:39
Your Vampire lord is a scroll caddy....... FAIL

Gear him out for either close combat or caster/summoner

use units of ghouls to start with and have dark acolyte/summon ghouls vamps, to boost there numbers, zombies fail

27-06-2009, 09:37
Drop some blood knights like the others said. But dont go with just 4. You want the look out sir for the bsb so take at least 5. Also I've just heard GW FAQed that the champions dont count towards the minimum of 5 rank and file models required for look out sir rolls. So I'd suggest you take a unit of 5 with standard bearer and musician only.