View Full Version : What makes a good High Elf Infantry list - 2000pts?

Time of Madness
25-06-2009, 13:42

Archmage (General)
- Level 4
- Jewel of Dusk
- Talisman of Saphery
- Folariath's Rober
= 355pts

Noble (BSB)
- Great Weapon
- Armour of Caledor
- Guardian Phoenix
= 168pts

- Level 2
- 2 Dispel Srolls
- Silver Wand
= 185pts


24 Spearmen
***BSB here***
- Full Command
- Lion Standard
= 266pts

10 Archers
= 110pts

10 Archers
= 110pts


20 Phoenix Guard
***Archmage here***
- Full Command
- Banner of Sorcery
- Gem of courage
= 390pts

7 Shadow Warriors
= 112pts


Bolt Thrower
= 100pts

Bolt Thrower
= 100pts

= 50pts

= 50pts

TOTAL POINTS = 1996pts

Casting dice - 10-12
Dispel dice - 5 + 2 scrolls

Total models 82

Anyone had any success with a high elf infantry list? If so what did it look like? Does this list stand a chance?
Time of Madness

25-06-2009, 22:22
The only glaring weakness i can see is that you are relying on a lot of low strength attacks. There is not any agressive elements either. It seems that this army is good at slowing down units but it lacks anything to take the fight ot the enemy. I'd recommend white lions as it is a unit i swear by.T hey are stubborn so with the bsb nearby can weather most assaults and hit back incredibly hard.I think it will do well if it has a little more punch..

26-06-2009, 01:11
I agree. I seem to barely manage to kill dwarves with my large block of spearmen, but my white lions rip them apart. You could replace one of the archer units with 5 WLs and command and have 5pts to spare, although that's probably not enough, maybe trade some PG or shadow warriors for more WL