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25-06-2009, 18:02
Yesterday I decided to Bring my zombie pirates out for a bit of fun, heres the list I used:

Luthor Harkon
Fleet captain, extra hand weapon, firewater, Ex-parrot
Fleet captain, battle standard bearer, dead man's chest

30 Deck hands, musician, standard bearer
20 zombie gunners, brace of pistols, standard bearer, musician
5 bloated corpses
10 zombie gunners, hand guns

6 animated hulks
10 deck gunners

undead Leviathan
Queen Bess

His list (we counted dire wolves as compulsory core)
Vampire lord, Abyssal Terror (and thats it)
Wight King, battle standard, drakonhoff banner

20 skeletons full command, magic banner of some kind
10 ghouls, ghast
10 direwolves, champion
Corpse Cart(necromancer riding)

20 Graveguard, full command

Blood Knights, royal banner of strigos, full command


______________________________ River

He chose the top deployment zone, which left me with the bottom.
After Deployment:
_BK_Graveyard____ VL_GG_CC_DW__River_Ghouls
___________ B_B_B_B_B_________C DH_GM_QB_AH
________GMH_______________ UL__River_DG_Hill

BK: bloodknights
VL: vampire lord
GG: grave guard
CC: corpse cart
DW: direwolves
Ghouls (Necromancer)

GMH: gunnerymob (handguns)
UL: undead Leviathan
DH: Deckhands mob (luthor here)
GM: gunnerymob (pistols) (Fleetcaptains here)
QB: Queen Bess
AH: Animated Hulks
C: carronade
DG: Deckgunners
B: bloated corpse

1st turn, he went first, he started moving towards the river, his vampire moved behind the graveguard, he failed to cast anything

I moved towards his battleline slowly, keeping close to the river, with my animated hulks preparing to charge the skeletons, I missed with the Queen bess, killed four direwolves with the carronade, and the Deckguns where out of range, but thankfully didn't kill themselves.

Turn 2: He charged his direwolves into the front of my Pistol Gunnery mob, and moved the rest of his army a little closer, he moved his Vampirelord into the top of the river, and his bloodknights out from behind the graveyard
In combat I issued a challenge with a fleetcaptain, he accepted. He caused one wound to the fleetcaptain, and one to the zombies, the fleetcaptain caused 3 wounds to the direwolf, my battle standard killed another direwolf, as did my zombie pirates. The direwolf unit poofed and I Stopped the zombies from overrunning.

On my turn, I charged my animated hulks into his skeleton regiment, and moved my battle line up some. For shooting, the carronade missfired and couldn't fire this or next turn, the Queen bess overshot passed the graveguard, but bounced into one bloodknight, failing to hit. The Deckhands killed one graveguard, and several of their own. For combat, the skeletons caused a wound, the skeleton unit vanished in a frenzy of Hulk rage, they overran into the ghoul/necromancer unit (I should have restrained, though with their leadership, it would have been unlikely anyway).

Turn Three:
He charged his Lord into the flank of my animated hulks (ouch), the rest of his army just waddled around in the water, trying to get into charge range.
He raised the dead graveguard, and failed to get them to move with magic.
In combat he caused 3 wounds, I caused 4, one of which was to his necromancer, the other three were to ghouls. I ended up losing by two, but I was in range of the battlestandard, so only lost one wound.

On my turn I charged my deckhands into his graveguard, along with two bloated corpses, I charged my undead leviathan into his blood Knights.
For shooting, the queen bess missfired for this turn and next, the remaining 6 deckhands fired into the corpsecart, hitting 3 times, all three hit the necromancer and killed him. For combat Luthor issued a challenge, the Battle-standard accepted, I caused one wound to the Wight king, he caused one hit, which ended up being a killing blow, killing Luthor Harkon :cries: After that, the unit lost by two. The animated hulks managed to kill the necromancer in the ghoul unit, but were in turn, wiped out. The blood Knights managed to cause five wounds, so I had five 5+ saves to make... I failed all five and the undead leviathan was slain without getting a word in edgewise, the bloodknights overran into three bloated corpses.
Turn 4:
On his turn he moved his vampire lord back, healed his ghouls, and killed a few more zombies in combat. His bloodknights killed the last bloated corpses, which exploded causing 5 hits, he passed all of his toughness tests. The other two bloated corpses in combat with the graveguard exploded, but failed to kill anything aside from one of my deck hands.

On my turn... The queen bess crew crumbled, the deckgunners crumbled, the handgunners crumbled, the carronade crumbled, and five of the deckhands crumbled, leaving me with essentially just the fleetcaptains and gunnery mob intact. He finished the zombie pirate deckhands unit off in combat.
Turn 5:
On his turn he turned his ghouls and graveguard towards the flank of my gunner mob, and moved the vampire lord behind the gunners.

I decided to go for one last act of defiance, I turned all the zombie pirate gunners to face the vampire lord/abbysal terror, and emptied 40 pistol shots into it! this caused one wound to the vampire lord, and two to the abyssal terror (well, it was worth a shot, it would have worked with gnoblar ;) )
Turn 6: He charged the graveguard and ghouls into the gunner's flanks, this caused me to lose all the zombies, and wounded the battle-standard.

On my last turn, I issued a challenge with my fleet captain, he accepted with his champion, I killed the champion, a few more ghouls, and crumbled, the end.

25-06-2009, 19:16
tough luck, but very cool seeing the dead pirates in action (where can I find their rules?)

25-06-2009, 19:34
Thnaks for this unusal battle report, you were always goign to have a hard time of it using zombie pirates versus vampire counts :)

25-06-2009, 19:37
cool batrep with the zombie pirates, too bad luther got killing blowed...

the rules were in white dwarf 305
at sevensins
pm me and Ill send you the pdf file..

25-06-2009, 23:11
The army does alright as long as Luthor is alive, unfortunately, sometimes things like being hit with a single killing blow hit just happen, still, I really enjoy playing the army, so I will continue to do so, even if it is rather futile :)

26-06-2009, 00:37
It's a fun army but even I have to admit that tey are seriously weak.

Maybe I just played against bad lists but it always seems a rush to kill them before their guns misfire and kill themselves ;)

But thanks for the report, and good to see some people still play them :)