View Full Version : 2250 DE Tourney List

25-06-2009, 19:24
This is my 2250 Dark Elf Tournament list

Army General
572- DreadLord, HA, Enchanted Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak, PoK, Sword of Ruin mounted on a Black Dragon

214-Master BSB, HA, SDC, Shield, Lance, Hydra Banner, mounted on a Cold One

165-Assassin, Venom Sword

151-Assassin, Additional Hand Weapon, Rune of Khaine, Touch of Death

131-5 Dark Riders w/ RXB's, Musician and Standard

110-10 Crossbowmen w/ shields

70- 10 Warriors w/ Shields

227-6 Cold One Knights w/ Full Command, Ring of Hotek

226-12 Black Guard w/ Full Command and Standard of Hag Graef

200-2 Reaper Bolt throwers

175-War Hydra

0 PD
2 DD

I use this as a Shock and Awe list, Charging on turn 2 as often as possible, and overwhelming my opponent.

Overall I'm 3/2/1

I beat a Veteran MSU Brettonian list, a Lizardmen Kroak and 2 EOTG's list and a Queen Khalida tomb kings list.

I lost to that same Khalida list and a 2 Treeman WE army.

Draw against a VC 12PD Ghoul Spam list.

I'd like to hear thoughts on the list, also possible Comp scores on a 0-20 scale.