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Dark Lord Sauron
26-06-2009, 14:08
So it has been a loonnngg time since I ventured into fantasy and I am finding my WoC army is getting absolutely crushed by my normal high elf opponent. My opponent always uses quite a few bound spells (whatever that ring is w/ Vaul's Unmaking and a banner that allows 2D6 S4 hits on a unit) and in a 1k point game which already has other casters for me to counter, that is a bit of a pain. He also always uses a unit of Phoenix guard, some sort of bolt thrower (which usually does nothing the entire game), a unit of "heavy hitters" like sword masters or White Lions and at least two heros. Since I only have a few units painted, I usually play w/ them and proxy the rest; I have two units of warriors and a leader painted up ... the leader is usually a lvl 2 sorc and everything has the mark of Tzeentch (check out the Cabal link for more on that); everything else is represented w/ proxies. What tactics/army choices would you folks recommend?

26-06-2009, 15:35
You need faster stuff. Warriors are great for grinding other infantry especially slow infantry but to slow for fighting elves. Knights are good since HE have real problems with their armour save, hounds are good because they are fast and cheap. Actually getting units into combat decreases his possibilities of shooting/magic you to death.

Also WoC have some really good magic so bringing another mage gives you offensive magic as well as more magic defence. Points build up pretty fast at 1k so if he has at least two casters (probably no fighting hero), repeater bolt thrower, sword masters and magical banner that should be a large part of his army. If you bring two units of knights screened by hounds you should be able to charge him in turn 2 unless he sets up everything far in the back. I am not sure of the stats for swordmasters but usually they dont come in huge raked units which means that you chaos knights might be able to take them on in the front and still live. Use appropriate marks to either maximise your damage or minimize the damage he will do to you depending on swordmaster stats and the number of models in the unit.

26-06-2009, 15:36
So basically he plays a magic gunline? Depends what kind of list you want tbh, perhaps something like:

Level 1 Nurgle sorceror, book, collar of Khorne, barded steed 171 (4 dice per turn, 2 for buboes, 2 for fireball). MR2 for warriors
Khorne Exalted, flail, shield, jugger 184 hitty and MR1 for knights
10 Warriors, FC, halbers, shields, MOS: war banner 2350 led by sorcerer 6 wide, 2 ranks
10 Marauders, GW, slaanesh 64
5 warhounds
5 warhounds
Chaos Knights of Khorne 230 (led by exalted)
Chaos spawn 55

26-06-2009, 16:11
Chariots might be useful against high elves as well, seeing as how impact hits will go before elven ASF. I too am curious about anti high elf tactics as my main opponent plays them, and I also run WOC. He plays pretty much a gun/magic line with one gigantic unit of swordmasters, and that special character of the shadow warriors.

26-06-2009, 18:16
In my WoC list, I never leave out my Exalted hero on disc. Giving him the golden eye and enchanted shld will keep this guy alive long enough to clear out warmachines and other shooting units. Also give him the roar to give him something to do on the way across the field and the biting blade to give him magical attacks. Against high elves, he is great for taking out rbt, archers, eagles and lone mages.

I have also had great success wtih a shaggoth against high elves. Keep him hidden from the rbt's until you have them taken care of by the guy above and he can be a great threat vs cavalry.

Also, as mentioned by above posters, knights are always solid and chariots are golden vs high elves.

If you enjoy magic, WoC spells can be quite lethal. Buboes is any armies bane and that includes high elves. also, magic missiles are great to trim down his units and taking out warmachines that have only 2 crew. we have two great bound items that can help this. Pandemonium is a great spell vs heavy magic users. Infernal puppet is our best magic item and should always be taken when using lots of magic.

John Vaughan
26-06-2009, 21:21
Being a Tzeentch player (much like myself. A purist of sorts), you need to maximize your two greatest strengths: Magic, and ward saves. In 1k battles, I ALWAYS take 3 Lvl 2 sorcerors w/MOT armed to the teeth with power stones, and one with the Infernal Puppet. Many call me crazy, but I'm sure all homocidal maniacs hear that at some point in their lives. Sure, the rest of my core is reduced to mere handfuls of models, but who cares when you can throw dice through the nose at your opponent? Elves are weak. T3 armywide. Hit a unit of swordmasters with even flickering fire, and they BURN. Mark of Nurgle on your units will prevent RBTs from ruinig your life too. Well, not everyone agrees with me I know, but I've done it numerous times, and the fickle winds of magic NEVER let me down! It wouldn't hurt to try!