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Lord Hurin
26-06-2009, 17:42
Hello all, I'm looking into starting Orcs and Goblins and wanted to do some research into it first. I play Orks in 40K, but get the impression that it's a little different in Fantasy.

First off, what's the best way to equip your Boyz? I want them to be the centre of my force, so it's important for me to know. Are spears useful at all? Are shields better than a second choppa or vice versa? Should I do a command? What unit size is best? I was thinking 20 or so...

How are Goblins? Seeing as I want to start Dwarves as well, the starter kit seems like a no-brainer, but are Night Goblins even worth the plastic they're made of? The Spider Riders seem cool as well, and I have some Wolf Riders. Do thy work well enough to justify including?

Thanks for your time,


26-06-2009, 18:46
all of the equips are good for orc boyz. shield boyz are a good anvil 5 wide with standard and musician, shoot for us25. choppa boyz are a good hammer 6 wide with music, us10-12. spears are best on savages, with shields too

night goblins can be good or useless, depending on how you roll. bowgobs are good against large targets, but mediocre-poor against others. speargobs usually aren't worth it, as additional ws2 s3 attacks aren't good. netters are usually worth it. fanatics are good, but in moderation, as they make your "cheap" units expensive. netter blocks should be 30-35 with standard, musician, and champ if a shaman is going to hide there, bows should be 20-21 with musician, spears should be 21, 7 wide, with musician.

spider riders are par with wolf riders... lower, but less inhibited movement with occasional poison attack is a wash.

26-06-2009, 19:00
I am lazy, so I've just typed my thoughts once: Orcs & Goblins Tactics page (http://avianon.net/subpage.php?s=index_greenskin_tactics)

To answer your questions in order:
1) Choppas and shields for blocks, two choppas for small support units
2) Not really
3) Depends on the unit and the opposition
4) Always get a musician. Get Boss and standard only for bigger blocks
5) 25ish for blocks, 10ish for support units
6) Okay in moderation
7) Yes, though converting spears to hand weapons is recommended
8) Yes, though not to the exclusion of Wolf Riders. Both have their uses

Cats Laughing
26-06-2009, 20:59
I second reading Avian's guide to Orcs and Goblins, linked above in Avian's post.

Lord Hurin
26-06-2009, 22:04
Yep, read it and have made an Army list up. Just a really rough draft until I get the book. Thanks all, Avian especially!

27-06-2009, 01:45
i find wolf/spider riders to be good only for warchine hunting and other non-intesive combat roles. my spiders have lost to a unit of skinks ( i charged 10 of the them iwth 5 riders)

the moral of the story keep riders (except boar) OUT OF COMBAT. if they are used as a support unit then they will prolly end up dieing more than they kill

black orcs are great character as a unit... meh. anyway blorcs make great BSB, (great weapon on a bsb......) and other characters due to better cc power.

27-06-2009, 04:42
I love the suicide bomber goblin. Boss on Wolf given the Brimstone bauble, aim him at something expensive, and enjoy the fun