View Full Version : 2000 High Elves for general/torniment

26-06-2009, 19:53
So I wanted to not use the following:

1: Dragons
2: Dragon princes
3: Chariots
4: special characters.

Might ditch 1 mage to take another unit and an eagle, but wondering if this would really reduce my magic offensive.

Elven Archmage
Level 4,Ring of Fury, Staff of Solidity,: 320pts
(Ring of fury for the extra bound spell damage, staff so I donít miscast on turn 1!)

High Elf Noble
Battle Standard, Dragon Armour, Reaver Bow, Enchanted Shield
Barded Elven Steed: 182pts
(my old faithful. Very all round and useful character. Bsb, +1 save and does 3str5 magic bow shots on bs 6 a turn)

Elven Mage
Ring of Corin, Dispel Scroll, level 2 mage: 175pts
(ring to take out that 1 pesky damn thing you know your enemy will have. With the amount of magic and the ring of fury I should be able to get this off)

Elven Mage (100)
Seerstaff of Saphery (30) Level 2 mage (35): 165pts
(the good old mage who can choose spells. The reason I wanted this and not something else is incase I came across knights/dragons etc and then can go path of beasts and get the beast cowers)

Characters (4): 842 Points

10 Elven Archers: 110pts

10 Elven Archers: 110pts

Min core choices. I wanted them and not spearelves so I can have to shooting vs hordes and faxst cav. Also have been good for taking down warmachines and pesky wood elves. Against shooting armies they can be the human shield

Core (2): 220 points

5 Shadow Warriors: 80pts
(help slow down the enemy army and try taking down warmachines)

14 Swordmasters of Hoeth (210)
Full command (30), Banner of sorcery (50): 290pts
(base unit for AM and combat unit 1)

14 Swordmasters of Hoeth (210)
Full command (30), Banner of the lion (25): 265pts
(combat unit 2. main job is to take out fear/terror enemy

Special (3): 635 points

Elven Repeater Bolt Thrower: 100pts

Elven Repeater Bolt Thrower: 100pts

Elven Repeater Bolt Thrower: 100pts

Trio of bolt thrower fun. Trying to find points for a great eagle also

Rare (3): 300 points

10 + D3 Pd, 2 bounds.
6 DD, 1 Scroll.