View Full Version : Orcs and Goblins: First rough draft, made without the Army Book.

Lord Hurin
26-06-2009, 23:00
Ok, after reading through a couple of online Tacticas and a bunch of lists on here, I've made a (very) rough draft of a list. I don't know any Magic items or point values for sure, but I think this should be about 1500.


Black Orc Big Boss (goes with Choppa Boys)

Orc Big Boss with heavy armour and shield on Boar (goes with boys)


23 Boys with shields and Full Command

20 Boys with shields, Musician and Standard Bearer

13 Boys with 2 choppas

14 Savage Orcs with spears and shields

30 Night Goblins with shields and Musician

20 Night Goblins with shortbows and Musician

5 Goblin Wolf Riders with spears and Musician

2* 5 Spider Riders

Ok, so I figure this to be around 1250 once I factor in equipment for the Heroes. Any complaints, advice, warnings? Anything that I should absolutely under no circumstances use?

27-06-2009, 01:23
taking 0 specials and 0 rares for o&g army is a mistake
taking 0 magic defense is a mistake

i would cut out at least 150 points from your core, but preferably 200+, to add specials and rare to your list. at the least, for magic defense, you should either bring a single ng sham w/ sneaky staff, or an orc bsb w/mork's totem

Lord Hurin
27-06-2009, 01:28
Ah, that's what I was hoping to hear. I have *NO* idea what either the Sneaky Staff or the Totem do, but I will by tomorrow. I'm also getting the BfSP set, which I believe includes a Goblin Shaman. I suppose I can also make one of the Orc Heroes a BSB. I suppose the regular Orc.

I don't know which Specials to take and have no clue about their point values. Black Orcs seem cool and the Chariots looks awesome (in one of my early games, I seem to remember having them unleashed against my Chaos troops and being devastating, but that was 6th Ed.)

27-06-2009, 01:31
Orc Chariots are heavy chariots like the Chaos Warriors have (though the crew is not that hard hitting).

Both the Staff of Sneaky Stealing and Mork's Spirit Totem add to your dispell dice, which is handy if you run a list with only one shaman (or no shaman at all).

Some artillery would be a good addition to your army. A stone thrower or two spear chukkaz only cost 70 points and can be a great help dealing with large monsters or heavily armoured troops.