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28-06-2009, 01:53
This is my first real go at a 2250 list. I've only ever really played 1000-1500pt matches, so I don't know exactly what I'm looking for, but these units have all done well with eachother on seperate occasions, and I believe the unit sizes etc should be fine in a larger battle.

Also, keep in mind, this is pretty much all the models I do own, so my first question is is it a reasonable list as it is without making any major changes like dropping all the wardancers for 3 more units of dryads or something, but any advice of adding new units (eternal guard w/noble on foot, warhawk riders, etc) is welcomed as well, after the fact.

280 - Highborn (Alter Kindred)
Bow of Loren
Arcane Bodkins
Stone of the Crystal Mere

175 - Spellsinger (Level 2 Wizard)
Dispell Scroll x2

160 - Wild Rider Noble [General]
Oaken Armour

165 - Branchwraith (Level 1 Wizard)
Cluster of Radiants
An Annoyance of Netlings

108 - Dryads x9

129 - Glade Riders x5

120 - Glade Guard x10

85 - Scouts x5

191 - Wild Riders x5
Wild Hunter
War Banner

133 - Wardancers x7

133 - Wardancers x7

285 - Treeman
285 - Treeman

Total Cost: 2249

Magic Phase: 2 bound spells pl3 of Tree Singing from Treemen, 5 power dice between my lvl 2 and lvl 1 branchwraith, and a total of 5 dispel dice w/Cluster of Radiants, and two dispel scrolls.

the gribbly
28-06-2009, 19:30
Greetings Sephkka. Your list does have some diversity an the great thing about wood elves is that every unit is still viable, even in 7th edition. That being said I would like to make a few suggestions:

You have 1350 pts tied up in 6 models. Thats a huge amount for any army, especially WEs. I usually count any trees into my character expense when writing a list, helps to keep me from overspending on a characters.
If you are taking 2 TM and both the AoN and CoR it is much better to make one tree a TMA and put those spites on him. You do lose the option of BoL and bodkins but free up a character slot that can still be dedicated to a hero level alter noble. IMO HoDA > bodkins anyway. Also, unless deliberately living dangerously, you should probably trade the WR noble for a BsB for your double trees (note that this is not quite as compulsary if you make one a TMA).

Troops look good although your army is realy small. I understand double trees pretty much dictate the rest of your list but I would find a way to include at least one more unit of dryads and glade guard before considering it sufficient. I understand the purpose of your scouts as both rare slots are filled but if you still need points Glade guard scouts will never perform even close to the same level as glade guard or dryads so you could trade them in.

Either way just some suggestions. As for models, I would definately suggest more dryads, glade guard, a unit of warhawks, a great eagle, and more fast cavalry. Hope this gave you some ideas. -grib