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Time of Madness
28-06-2009, 17:45
Looking for a successful ghoul based list.


Vampire Lord
- Biting Blade
- Bloody Hauberk
- Book of Arkhan
- Dark Acolyte, Ghoulkin, Infinite hatred, Summon Ghouls
= 435pts

Vampire #2
- Dark Acolyte, Summon ghouls
- Flayed Hauberk, sword of might
= 185pts

Vampire #3
- Dark Acolyte, Summom ghouls
- Black Periapt, Helm of Commandment
= 190pts

Vampire #4
- Flying Horror
- Wristbands of Black Gold
- Sword of Battle
= 175pts


17 Ghouls
***Lord here***
- Ghast
= 144pts

17 Ghouls
***Vamp 2 here***
- Ghast
= 144pts

16 Ghouls
***Vamp 3 + 4 here***
- Ghast
= 136pts

5 Wolves
= 40pts

5 Wolves
= 40pts


4 Fell bats
= 80pts

4 Fell bats
= 80pts


2 Varghulfs
= 350pts

Total Points = 1999pts

Casting Dice - 11 +Arkhan and periapt
Dispel Dice - 7 + periapt

The list is a lot faster then people realize with ghoulkin. The general idea is to place the ghoul units side by side and support them with the varghulfs.

The fell bats and flying horror vamp will take care of warmachines and small units.
Time of Madness

Time of Madness
29-06-2009, 17:32
Anyone think I should opt for a few more combat characters? Instead of all the magic?

29-06-2009, 17:41
your vampires, you will struggle not to have a character that is good at combat (necromancers do not count) especialy your vampires, they all have a magic sword.

29-06-2009, 19:13
i love this army and would be the one id take if id do vamps, u know that used right u can get gouls into combat turn one= lol at opponents face

29-06-2009, 19:45
You don't have much to break ranks, just 2 units of dogs. You also have unarmored vamps without a bunker. Anyone can just meet your 3 units head on and direct attacks at the vamps until they snuff it. Also, why not take a single unit of 5 fell bats so that they can at least have us5 to kill units that run from your ghouls. Although your army moves up quickly, I just don't see that you have enough units to keep stuff off your flanks.