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28-06-2009, 20:36
I'll update this as and when with Epic armies / units as they get finished. I'm not a great painter or converter by any means. In fact I'm rubbish. This is just what I can do when trying to produce things quickly and simply while still looking okay for the table top.

I wanted a Necron army as soon as I saw the Raiders book. The sticking point was the Monolith, as I didn't really want to build them out of plasticard and green stuff as I knew I would end up with very irregular monoliths. Then it occurred to me to steal the multi-base Abattoir idea for the 'liths and this is the result.

My main aim was to keep the army cheap. I budgeted for 25 quid and by a bit of scrounging and bitz-boxing it came it at 21. I'm missing a Destoyer still, but that should be corrected soon.



I was quite pleased with my Pylons. Eldar laser lances, a bit of Tau, and some Warhound feet (which I don't know why I had, but am not complaining).


28-06-2009, 23:20
They look pretty smart actually, especially the freehand on the monoliths.

I see my old nightgaunt has found himself a useful home too. I take it he's a C'tan?

29-06-2009, 01:30
Your army is great, but now you need to take more close up shots and give us a comprehensive list of all the parts you used to make it! You know, in case some of us would like to steal some ideas.

29-06-2009, 01:50
Some of those Necron warriors look like ork models, I'm not complaining just not sure if I'm going blind or not?

Army looks great all the same, Might have to try it myself as I have a ton of spare orks. How do you do your destroyers/Imortals?

Chaos and Evil
29-06-2009, 12:00
Cool looking scratchbuilt Necronian army.

29-06-2009, 19:37
Thanks for the kind words all. The Nightgaunt is my Nightbringer. I much prefer him to a goth with scythe. I really like the model and wanted an excuse to add him to Epic in some way. I think he really fits the idea of something dark and monstrous, at least in the context I have placed him here.

Some of those Necron warriors look like ork models, I'm not complaining just not sure if I'm going blind or not?

It's because all those Necron Warriors are Orks :) I stole the idea from the Raiders book as I couldn't afford all the Chaos Androids I would need to make the army. No-one at the local club realised they weren't Necrons, other than the Epic regulars. I'll be grabbing some androids in the future, but to use as Immortals.

The Destroyers are made from 40k Scarabs and Ork Nob upper body with the power claw truncated somewhat. The Heavy Destroyer is the same, but I replaced the Nob big shoota with one of the large Ork infantry guns (not sure what the model represents). That conversion works really well.

The pariahs are exarchs with the wings chopped off. Again stolen from Raiders. Wierdly it was that conversion in raiders that sparked me on Necrons, as I had so many exarch bases lying around doing nothing and the effect was spot on.

The Monoliths are made from 1 25mm base and 2 20mm bases. one 20mm sits on the 25mm. The other has the corners chopped off and added to the 20mm to create the buttress like effects that surround the power crystal.

The Warbarques are just bigger bases below the Monolith top. I forgot to add the chopped base corners to one of them.

The Pylons are laser lances, heavily bent. Their bases are forgeworld Warhound titan feet, which were in my bits box for some reason. I used a couple of bits from a Tau stealth generator for the barrel. They're probably my favourite pieces in the army.

I'm going to build an Abattoir next, although that may not be for some time.

29-06-2009, 21:02
Awesome stuff. That's a pretty army.

Wargames Factory are putting out some 6mm Plastic android miniatures soon. ;)

29-06-2009, 21:27
Love the Nightgaunt Nightbringer. I may steal that idea when I eventually reach the point of Necrons on my wishlist. Great conversions, and the neat painting and freehand details hide your stated simplicity. Fantastic army.

Safe dreams in the Witchhouse

Gazak Blacktoof
29-06-2009, 22:36
Some inventive use of bitz for those pylons. Thanks for the PM.