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28-06-2009, 21:37
Alright so I've been painting for a couple of weeks now but am still absolutely new to how the game is actually played. I've skimmed rule books, watched tutorials etc...

But still I could use help actually building my army.

I'm starting out with the BfSP Night Goblins. Where do I go from there? I have no idea!

I'd appreciate any input.

I've got plenty of time to get this together as I still haven't found anyone in the area to play with. :)

28-06-2009, 21:42
Shamans, Fanatics, Doom Divers, Squig Riders, Herders and Netters.

That's the fun stuff - you need Orc contingents like Savage Boar Boyz, chariots, Black Orcs for Close Combat. Plus exotics like trolls and Giants.

28-06-2009, 23:01
I'd try thinking of a points size for your army and building it in blocks, say 500 points then a thousand.
Are you wanting to go all goblins (thematic but not recomended) Or Orcs and goblins?

28-06-2009, 23:32
I'm thinking Orc's and Goblin's. I have 562 with my current BfSP Night Goblins so I guess I'll shoot for 1000.

Maybe you guys could point me in the right direction to get there. I should probably get myself an army book to familiarize myself with points but until then I appreciate your input!

29-06-2009, 03:22
As Condotiere said, if you are going to field the BfSP night gobbo's, you should add some of the fun stuff he mentioned and some supports. Getting some spearchukkas (usually in pairs) and some doom divers is good because you'll use them with orc armies as well. Giants and chariots are also good. Once you have this, you can add an orc unit at a time, probably starting with black orcs. These will add punch and as you amass troops will gradually come to outnumber the gobbo's in your lists as you move toward orcs. Don't forget a few goblin characters and I'd add an orc character to go in each of the orc units until you have 4 or 5.

29-06-2009, 04:44
Chariots and spear chukkas are your friends. Grab the army book if you havent already and read over the units and your "restrictions" based on the army size. Then build it in chunks and paint as you go along. :)

29-06-2009, 06:05
Thanks all.

I've ordered a set of fanatics from GW and an army book on Amazon. I'm excited to actually play in the future. Now just to find people in my area...

I kick myself for not getting into this hobby earlier because there used to be a game store right around the corner from me that closed only a few years ago! :cries:

Oh and where can I find netters? They seem to only be sold as part of the Night Goblin regiment. :confused:

29-06-2009, 06:53
Sounds like this article might be useful for you: Starting an Orcs & Goblins Army (http://avianon.net/tactics/greenskin_starting.php)

29-06-2009, 06:54
I believe that netters can only be acquired through the NG regiment box. This is okay since they can be made from regular NG and netters can only be used as part of a NG unit.

29-06-2009, 14:24
you should pick up a battallion box and a warboss box

battallion has:
23 orc warriors (including command)
20 night goblins (including command)
10 f.goblin spider riders (guess if there's a command or not?)
1 orc boar chariot

warboss box has:
1 warboss
1 battle standard bearer
(one of the two can be placed on a large boar that comes with it)

29-06-2009, 14:55
but he already has a bunch of night goblins (40 with spears + 20 bows) and spider riders so the battalion really doesnt help him much.

If you want more goblins they are usually available for decent prices at Ebay etc when people are selling the BfSP goblins they dont like or even better find someone who wants dwarfs and trade your BfSP dwarfs for his goblins.

29-06-2009, 17:19
er... what peg?

- he doesn't have netters
- he doesn't have orcs
- he doesn't have a chariot
- 40 speargobs is barely 1 combat sized unit (30-35)
- of the 10 "extra" spidergobs, 2 can be used in one unit of 5 to displace the champ & standard that he's not actually taking, and 4 of the other 6 regular spidergobs can make a third unit of 5 w/music. so he will be able to field 2 units of 5 with musician, and 1 with a counts as musician

how is a battallion not useful for him again?

30-06-2009, 01:23
Thanks for the input guys. I will definitely check out that article.

The Battalion Box does seem convenient. I'll have to start pinching my pennies to afford it.

I'm off to read that article now. :D