View Full Version : where to get bitz into nz

28-06-2009, 21:31
wheres the best place to get bitz sent to New Zealand from? only place ive used is underthecouch (an australian based guy i think, insaniak). hes good and has free postage but pretty much only deals in SM parts :cries:

what im specifically looking for are heavy weapon tripods and gun shields, and the 60mm bases the teams go on. i have plenty of teams with out the tripods, but i like the look of them better so im chucking all my new teams on tripods.

i have found a few places, although they are all out of stock of what im looking for. unless there are any better suggestions i will use thebitzbarn.co.uk.

dont mind where they are based as long as shipping is cheap.


06-07-2009, 09:07
Not sure if this is still helpfull, but I use the WarStore.com. Never had a problem.:D

Khornies & milk
06-07-2009, 11:41
'The War-Lord' deals in Bits, and has most of the range including IG. He's in Australia and is very reliable.