View Full Version : Beginning 1000 point Empire

29-06-2009, 00:51
I posted this in the Empire Tactica thread, but in case some of you, who play other races, want to critique my list as well, I thought I'd post it here too.

Here's my shot at a decent 1000 point list. Let me know what you guys think. Going for some mobile elements(knights and pistoliers) as well as the solid infantry blocks with detachments. Maybe I need more shooting, I'm not too sure.

Warrior priest goes in the 19 swordsmen unit.

Warrior Priest
Great weapon
Armour of meteoric iron
119 points

Rod of Power
95 points
Lords 214 points

25 Swordsmen
Full Command
10 Free Company
5 Crossbowman
265 points

19 Swordsmen
9 Free Company
174 points

6 Knights
146 points
Core 585 points

5 Pistoliers
97 points

Great Cannon
100 points
Special 197 points

What do you guys think.