View Full Version : 1500 point Orcs & Goblins list, please c&c!

Lord Hurin
29-06-2009, 01:45
Well, this is my first real Orc list. Hopefully it's not too bad. Here goes:


Shagrat Gitbasher, Black Orc Big Boss - 119pts
'Eavy Armour, Enchanted Shield, Martog's Best Basha

Grishnakh Pigrida, Orc Big Boss - 165pts
BSB; Mork's Spirit Totem, Light Armour, Boar & Shield

Bolg Lilskwirt, Night Goblin Shaman - 135pts
Lvl 2, Staff of Sneaky Stealing


Nitgrot's Orc Boyz - 168pts (BSB goes here)
23 Boyz with Shields, Full Command

Smashrek's Orc Boyz - 164pts (Black Orc goes here)
23 Boyz with Shields, Boss and Musician

Ramdreg's Too 'Andas - 89pts
12 Boyz with Extra Choppas, Musician

Da Cave Gitz - 151pts (Shaman goes here)
29 Night Goblins with Nets, Musician and Fanatic

Cave Git Arrer Gitzv - 64pts
20 Night Goblins with Shortbows and Musician

Wolfy Ridas - 71pts
5 Goblin Wolf Riders with Spears and Musician

Spida Gitz - 71pts
5 Goblin Spider Riders with Musician


Boar Chariot - 85pts
Extra Boy

Boar Chariot - 85pts
Extra Boy

Git Chariot - 66pts
Goblin Wolf Chariot with extra Goblin and extra Wolf

Git Hoppaz - 65pts
5 Goblin Squig Hoppers

Total: 1498 points

29-06-2009, 06:45
-drop the shaman to level 1, you're not likely to get any spells off anyway.
-the unit of 12 boyz seems like a waste. They'll be way easy to break, so I don't think they'll be too effective. drop 'em and use the points elsewhere imo.
-a unit of 5 hoppers costs 75, not 65

that's all I got, hope this helps

29-06-2009, 14:18
if you want to do small units of choppa boyz, you probably need more than 1. they aren't very reliable or very hard, but they are relatively cheap and so can be used for redirection/speedbumping. yes they can also do some damage, but they are not designed to be used alone (not that anything in o&g is...)

if you wanted the level 2 sham, you should take nibbla's itty ring on one of your chars. at 1500, 4+1 PD isn't too bad

imo you are taking way too much magic defense for 1500. 6 DD and -1 PD is mean! if you are playing in a tourney with the list, okay, but if you are playing "friendly" games, your opponent isn't going to think its very friendly of you. in my first game, it was 1500 o&g vs vc, and i brought the totem and sneaky staff. it was a really boring game where he could do nothing because i had more dd than he had pd

29-06-2009, 15:48
To be honest I think this is a great list, although if it were me I'd drop the goblin down to level 1 and use the points to bump your BSB upto a black orc so he can wear heavy armor ( the extra WS helps aswell). This would give him a 2+save when hes on his boar.

Also I wouldn't listen to people about having tooo many dispel dice. When your fighting a magic heavy daemons/high elves/vampire counts/dark elves, you'll be bloody well glad you have that many! For example in my 1500point Vampire counts I have 7 power dice when I store one, so if I were playing you I'd only have 6 power dice, 5 if I didn't store a dice. You could easily lock down my magic phase and this would give you a greater advantage than for example having another unit of 20 orcs.

30-06-2009, 17:56
You have one too many special slots.

I would drop the gobbo chariot, drop the shaman to lvl 1, and get some snotlings.

30-06-2009, 18:08
drop one chariot (your choice), drop the extra crew for the chariots (not really needed), and either bulk up the 'too andas' (brilliant name!) or get yourself some more fanatics - 1 for the spears and 1 for the archers.
I also really recommend short bows for both your fast cav units - i'm amazed at how useful that option has worked for my boyz.
Otherwise it's a nice army!