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29-06-2009, 04:53
Vampire Lord:
Dread Knight
Red Fury
Infinite Hatred
Walach's Bloody Hauberk
Blood Drinker
Black Periapt

Vampire Thrall:
Dread Knight
Infinite Hatred
Rod of Flaming Death

Vampire Thrall:
Dread Knight
Infinite Hatred
The Hand of Dust

Wight King:
Battle Standard Bearer
Nightmare with Barding
Drakenhof Banner

Regiment Size: 20

Regiment Size: 20

Regiment Size: 20

Dire Wolves:
Regiment Size: 5

Blood Knights
Regiment Size: 16
Full Command
Sword of Battle
Banner of the Blood Keep

Total Points: 2,250

Going to be testing this out tomorrow, any advice :P.
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29-06-2009, 14:45
I don't play VC, but the one thing that I would say is you don't have enough power dice, even with two bound items. VC in my opinion should always be magic heavy.

30-06-2009, 00:48
Well, a few things if you really want the advice.

I am a little confused as to what you plan to do with this army, but I'll try to assume some things and make comments accordingly.

1) Were you planning on putting the Vampires and Wight all together into the Blood Knight unit? If so, then the Drakenhoff Banner and the Banner of Blood Keep are redundant - the Banner of Blood Keep is not necessary. Also if this is the case, the characters have to be in the front rank, and since you have 16 Blood Knights and 4 characters for 20 horse, I'd presume you'd run them 5 wide and 4 deep. If this is again the case then you'd have 4 heroes and the unit champion in the front rank, meaning the banner and musician would have to be in the 2nd rank, and you'd get none of their bonuses, to my knowledge.

2) If you were planning on putting the characters into the Dire Wolf unit, you definitely need more Dire Wolves.

3) Old Vampire Counts adage: Never pay full price for Zombies you can raise. Even with the paltry magic phase you are bringing, you can spend those Zombie points on Dire Wolves and then raise zombies.

4) Again, I have to assume here, but I can either think you really like the Blood Knights, you really think that a giant unit of them plus 4 combat characters will be unstoppable, or you are going for some specific opponent or trick or "shock and awe" factor. Now, I'm pretty much the last person to tell anyone "how" to play, but since you kindly asked for advice, I shall impart this - any moderately good fantasy player with nearly any balanced fantasy list will beat the pants off this army before 6 turns elapse.
a) you have fighting characters that are moderate at magic in a magic dependent army
b) you have infantry that can't hold there own for more than 1 turn of combat against any good-combat infantry.
c) if your characters are bunched together the rest of your army will be moving 4" or 7" a turn, respectively
d) your hammer unit and characters are handicapped by Frenzy - now, I don't know who you are playing, but nearly every army has a unit that they can throw in front of the Frenzied unit and holding or redirecting them into a situation where you will be flanked.
e) 30 Empire Flagellants, a unit of 9 Empire Inner Circle Knights with War Banner, with a Templar Grand Master with no magic items. That's around 750pts of a simple combination that will beat that army, especially with some magic support stopping the invocation on the blood knights. With a frontage of 5 models, you have 3+3+3+4+3(4) attacks and 6 horses. Hitting on 3's and wounding on 2's with the horses wounding on 3's, even with Red Fury and Infinite Hatred will not kill 30 flagellants (and even less slayers). All they have to do is hold for one turn, and you probably get double flanked.

Just my thoughts, and they are all simply opinions.

Thanks for your time!

30-06-2009, 05:34
Honestly I think that you need to get a little more tabletop time in. WodenMHC gives one example but pretty much every army has a way to deal with your blood knight unit. And that unit is pretty much your army. (Well 87.5% of it)

Do a search for VC army lists and you'll get to see some good advice from some of the og vc generals on this forum.

Though I would still encourage you to play with this list just so you can see for yourself why this list doesn't work.

Good luck.