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Grand Warlord
02-01-2006, 02:34
Tomb King
-Crown of the King, Armor of the Ages, Shield, Hand Weapon.

Liche Priest
-Dispel Scroll

Liche Priest
-Staff of Mastery

4 (x20) Skeleton Warriors

(x19) Tomb Guard
-Heavy Armor, Tomb Blades, Shield, Full Command, Standard of the Sacred Eye.

2 Tomb Scorpions

Bone Giant

I don't remember what all I can post without getting in trouble so let me read over the rules and I will edit accordingly... but until then ... this is my first attempt .

Mad Makz
02-01-2006, 05:35
You don't have very much in the way of combat ability there. The skeleton units are going to go down fast versus elite infantry or heavy cavalry.

With the heavy archery theme, the skull chuckers are better rare choice than the Bone Giant.

Also, your tomb King seems a bit wasted. 5 wounds and toughness 5 is abit unnessescary, even more so as you lack any major killing ability with only 4 strenght 5 attacks.

In general, TK should always have full character slots.You really need to maximise your magic potential.

One thing I'd Consider if you want to go the heavy archery route is 3 Tomb Princes and a High Live Priest. Put the Tomb Princes in the Archery units so you can use My Will be done on them, and they also give the unit some combat power. The High Liche Priest remains mobile so he can use his two castings at 3d6 for the vital charges, or he could use them on Screaming Skull Catapults.

Give the Archer units Full Command so they can reform as fighting units.

Grand Warlord
02-01-2006, 05:57
Its not that I wanted the heavy archer route (they do have full command btw just forgot that part) but since they can have shields for free i can change it around a bit ... would some spear units increase combat ability? I could make the hero changes and drop an arch unit or reduce the sizes some of the archer units to make some spearman units ... this is harder than i thought it would be lol

My main army is Empire ... so this is a whole new experience for me... thanks for the help.

02-01-2006, 16:30
on tomb guard I would take standard of rakaph instead, best standard we have might as well use it. If you are going to use lots of regular skelies you are going to b e moving slow so you need them to come to you. I recommend a regular liche priest on casket and a catapult near to it also fill slots with a high priest and 2 tomb princes. only reason i take a tomb king is when i want chariots as core, since you have none its kinda a waste. so here is my proposed list

1 Liche High Priest @ 295 Pts
Cloak of the Dunes
Neferra's Plaques of Mighty Incantations

1 Liche Priest @ 325 Pts
Golden Ankrha
1 Casket of Souls

1 Tomb Prince @ 139 Pts
General; Great Weapon
Armour of the Ages [35]

1 Tomb Prince @ 104 Pts
Great Weapon

20 Skeleton Warriors @ 185 Pts
Bow; full command
20 Skeleton Warriors @ 185 Pts
Bow; full command
20 Skeleton Warriors @ 185 Pts
Bow; full command

19 Tomb Guard @ 298 Pts
full command Icon of Rakaph

1 Tomb Scorpion @ 85 Pts

1 Tomb Scorpion @ 85 Pts

catapult and skulls of the foe

Grand Warlord
13-01-2006, 06:03
Ok I am not a fan of the Casket of Souls, I have never rolled well enough to kill anything. So what would you recommend instead? I really have no intention of taking it ...

13-01-2006, 07:23
I think this army will get slaughtered because it has no mobility. TK are not strong enough to win in straight on combat and you have nothing to support your large units. Skellie Archers are little more than fodder and annoyance and cannot (should not) be counted on to supply any amount of wounds. A unit of 20 is not large enough to guarantee a break from fear, and once again you have nothing to effectively hit the flanks but (generally) slow Skellie archers and Tomb Guards. Your Scorpions are really powerful, but really serve as a support unit and cannot effectively take out units on their own.

What I would consider:
-Something with a better movement than 4 and a unit strength of at least 5. This could be Chariots, Horsemen, Ushabti, or Carrion. Or all of them. This way you can have some mobility in the force. Furthermore it will give you flanks and (with the exception of the Carrion) a way to take away a rank bonus. This way your large fear causing units can break your opponent without having to do wounds (which they will probably do very few).
-Screaming Skull Catapult or a Casket of Souls (or both, and drop the Giant). Even if you cannot "roll well enough to justify it" the threat of these models on the board are worth their points alone. Some players will save most (or all) of their dispell dice *and scrolls* for the Light of Death--this means your other casters will be able to get their spells of instead. If Light of Death does go off it will usually take a few models a turn--even if they are Ld10 Dwarfs. Incantation of Smiting is glorious when combined with a Catapult--and stone throwers are powerful without some of the Catapult's special rules. The panic test alone caused by the Catapult is a powerful trait--especially against low leadership enemies.
-Big blocks of melee units are a good "bread and butter" choice, but really need to be supported by something else. Tomb Guard are really tough, but cannot always win combat on their "elite" status alone. This is another spot where a fast unit would serve you well. Anything that can take away ranks from a flank is going to help you out immensely.
-If you are taking a Tomb King you should take advantage of the Core choice Chariots--otherwise take a Prince and save the points.
-You need to declare a Priest as a Heirophant and a King/Prince as your general. Them's the rules. Right now I do not see which is which.

Anyway--read my battle report in Fantasy General for an overview of how I played/planned Tomb Kings. I didn't play perfectly, and there were more than a few mistakes but I think it may be a good guideline for you to better understand Tomb Kings. Since you are an Empire player it might take you a little bit to grasp Tomb Kings, and they are not an easy force to muster. You will get knocked around more than your fair share at first, but the list can be surprisingly versatile and sneaky. Keep with it.