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29-06-2009, 19:08
I know the cave squig sucks, but I'd like to 'downtune' my orks - which amazingly are doing pretty well in our gaming circle.

1) is the cave squig ItP? in the squig hoppaz list there are ItP, skirmisher, hatred against dwarfs, boiiing and does not join units listed. for the cave squig mount, skirmisher and ItP are missing - well, skirmisher is pretty useless for a character, but ItP would be nice... (edit: found an old thread that concluded the cave squig is ItP - thanks, avian)

2) if not ItP, boiiing does not require the character to do feartests when charging, right? (obsolete)

and the random squighopper questions:

3) when skirmishers charge other skirmishers, in which direction is the battle line formed? charger has to charge the closest model and then 90 to the charge path?

4) how about squighopper charging skirmishers? squighoppers go into the declared direction and attack the first skirmisher they reach in that direction (even though it probably is not the closest of them all)?

5) when skirmishers (or other units) flee from squighoppers, do they flee directly away from the path of the squighoppers or would they do as if the squighoppers were a normal unit (so from the center of the charging unit)

6) can/do squighoppers change their charge direction when the enemy flees?

29-06-2009, 19:33
Noone can change direction when charging - the old rule "Redirect" has now become "enemy in the way"

When skirmishers charge other skirmishers you make contact with the closest model and align there, forming the charged skirmishers up as normal.

Fleeing units flee centre to centre - centre of your unit to centre of theirs.

29-06-2009, 19:56
with changing the direction I mean 'going into the direction the enemy flees' which can be substantially different from the charge path in case of squighoppers against skirmishers.

29-06-2009, 20:11
3) yes, p.67 says you move the closest charger into the closest chargee, then form up perpendicular to charge line

4) yes, follows same as 3, because hoppers are skirmishers

30-06-2009, 18:21
1) He is ItP. It wasn't evident in the main orCCCs book. But it is.

30-06-2009, 23:04

thank you torture for pointing that out. they are all the same in german... so I also don't care whether it is dwarves or dwarfs.