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30-06-2009, 02:38
I have currently taken up using my old skaven army and getting it ready for the summer of war, but i also play a weekly battle against a guy who uses dwarves, a guy with daemons, a guy with empire darn steam tank and plus their is armies such as chaos warriors, vampire counts and also brets and dark elves on occasions.

Now as a skaven player my keen interest is beating the fella with the dwarven gunline after an epic shoot down in a 1000pt match against him. My skaven got how do i put it, owned. So my key question is how in eck would a skaven player beat a dwarf army?

btw he has alot of war machines, i think 7 in a 2000pt list.

cheers greatly cragum:D

30-06-2009, 10:22
3 Things,

Storm Banner



Dwarfs have good shooting and tough Combat units. You have good shooting, numbers and manoeuvrability, you need to use your advantages to nullify his.

A unit or two of tunnellers (5 with poisoned additional hand weapons will go through dwarf warmachines pretty quickly) are a must.

Don't worry if you don't get the first turn (in fact it can be a bonus), let range be a little buffer against excessive causalities, then in his second turn unleash the storm banner (should help sort out any gyrocopters). So you get 2 turns of his shooting not at full effectiveness. If you do get the first turn then use it a soon as possible, by your turn 2 your nearly in his lines so only have to tale 1 turn of shooting in the face (assuming the affect runs out in 1 turn - always assume this) - so large numbers are good .

Concentrate your shooting on one of his combat units at a time, whittle it down and break through there, either with a fully combat res'd up storm vermin unit or plague monks with a priest/warlord can do it. Try to get units round his flank too.

Other things that are useful, big units of rat packs (at least 4 in a unit), warpfire throwers, slaves, a couple of units of night runners - charge them into a warmachine, they may not win but with a little luck may hold up the machine for a turn or two.

One word on magic, either go magic heavy with at least a grey seer and another engineer (prob with death globes for some skitter leap fun - hell, even brass orbs are fun too here with Dwarfs low I) or don't bother, unless your no tailoring and using general army's.

30-06-2009, 11:08
Outgun him, pack in as many Jezzails as possible. It won't work with his cannons, but you'll outrange his Organ guns. Also Terrain, for every hill he chooses, pick a large wood and stick it on top of his hill with at least 2 onto the surrounding ground. Now he can't use his hills to LOS your units.
Lots or small units of Skirmishers, PWG are perfect for this as 4 of them, even if annilated, don't cause panic tests, or slaves (again no panic tests) to screen your harder hitting units and ratling guns (screen with skirmishers as slaves are too slow and unweildy to screen the guns properly).
Horde it or go magic/gun heavy not a mix, you can't outfight him so your going to have to outshoot him or out manovuer him. He only has a 6" move, you have a 10", surround him and then go in for the kill. If you've got plague monks put a small unit of night runners in front of them. They won't be panicd if the NR's die nor can you be forced to charge if that unit is in front of them.

Good luck.

30-06-2009, 21:06
don't try and engage his shooters with gutterrunners, you will find T4 and armor + outnumber will typically win him the fight, just go after warmachine crews.

Plague monks and censur beares (while not as good as vs T3) are both good as they can take the casualties ont he way in without panicing.

And slaves, just march them at the warmachines, if they get there they win and/or tie up the machine for the game.

Poison wind globadiers! small units of 3-4, can kill warmachines/crew/stand behind a block and chip away at it annoying him while you ignore it and run at his machines.

30-06-2009, 22:01
how i normally beat dwarves with skaven.

works fairly well.
dont take monks they are worthless vs dwarves, as they cant beat dwarf units.
Stick with clanrat/slave spam with some support units and you will be fine.

Use tunnelers to kill warmachines, save the slaves for blocking his combat blocks and taking them out of the game with redirects.

30-06-2009, 22:59
Thanks very much guys!

im playing on the side of the dwarves this week luckily for me, albeit people will be saying what the hell dwarves and skaven working together?!?!?!!??!

but im hoping that what people say about gutter runner tunnel teams as ive always been a bit afraid of using due to the points cost of such a small unit and having them actually have the chance to never appear!

Do they get to charge and attack that turn they arrive though?

30-06-2009, 23:02
yes the gutter runners act as normal the turn they come on, meaning they can charge, move/march to your liking.