View Full Version : 750pt friendly game, first time playing

30-06-2009, 04:31
A friend at work has got me hooked on the idea of playing Warhammer and until I get up and running with an army of my own he's going to let me use his so we can duke it out a bit. Like the post says it's my 1st time playing and 1st time coming up with an army list of any sort so criticism is very much welcome.

I also have a rough idea of what he'll be bringing which I'll add after my list.

Damsel-169 pts
lvl 2
barded warhorse
dispel scroll x2

Paladin-124 pts
battle standard bearer
sword of might
gromril great helm
barded warhorse

Knights of the Realm x5-144 pts (Damsel goes here)
standard bearer

Knights Errant x5-141 pts (Paladin goes here)
standard bearer with errantry banner

Peasant Bowmen x10-60 pts

Men-at-Arms x20-110 pts
standard bearer

I had calculated this army at 748 points but was considering dropping 2x dispell scrolls for the Silver Mirror which would give me the points to add braziers to the bowmen.

My friend will be playing an Orc & Goblin army with roughly this composition.

orc big boss, lvl 2 orc shaman, lvl 2 goblin shaman, around 15 orc big uns, 25ish night goblins, a charriot and troll.

Thanks in advance for any help.