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dwarf lord
30-06-2009, 05:53
I thought I'd give LM a try. All feedback is appreciated.

280 pts Old Blood: Cold One, light armour, sword of might, maiming shield, bane head, glyph necklace. 0+ AS, 5+ ward, 6 S 6 attacks & bane head
110 pts skink priest: lvl 1, dispell scroll, diadem of power
380 pts skink chief: warspeer, ancient stegadon
167 pts Scar Vet: cold one, light armour, shield, spear, battle standard bearer w/ Huanchi blessed totem

234 pts 18 Saurus: spear, standard, musician. Old Blood goes here
234 pts 18 Saurus: spears, standard, musician
116 pts 11 Skink: javelin & shield w/ 1 Krox
116 pts 11 skinks: javelin & shield w/ 1 Krox
70 pts 10 Skink skirmishers w/ blowpipe
70 pts 10 skink skirmishers w/ blowpipe

90 pts 3 terradons
220 pts 5 Cold One Cavalry w/ standard: war banner BSB goes here

80 pts 1X sallie w/ extra handler
80 pts 1X sallie w/ extra handler

I know the EoTG is awsome but I feel I'd need both the EoTG and a Slann to make magic effective. I'd be curious to hera everyones thoughts on EoTG vs the warspear ancient steg. I would effectively have 5 DD and 1 scroll for magic defence. 2 breaker units in the warspear steg and the COR w/ war banner, BSB and blessed totem. The Old Blood on cold one could also charge out of his saurus unit to deal w/ large monsters and characters w/ his setup I believe. All feedback is appreciated.

30-06-2009, 06:34
You don't need the slann and the engine to have an effective magic phase. I regularly use an engine and a level 2 to good effect. Use both to support your other units (portent of far on salamanders is amazing). I would suggest taking the engine over the chief with warspear but that is entirely your choice.

I like your list, but I would like to make a few points:

Maiming shield uses the wielders base strength, I would suggest enchanted shield or perhaps shield of the mirrored pool. If you are looking for synergy with the maiming shield, try the burning blade. Bane head is going to be difficult to use effectively as the oldblood has no ranged ability.

If you can find the points, try making your priest on foot level 2 with 2 scrolls if you are going to switch to taking an engine. (7PD, 5DD +2 scrolls and engine ability)

Points are off on your skink units. 11 skinks with krox are 110 pts. Musicians will help these units.

I suggest 4 terradons over 3, but many people would disagree with me.

In terms of your BSB, I would argue the usefulness of the current incarnation of Huanchi's Blessed totem. Have you considered a BSB with great weapon, shield and hide of the cold ones? You could then put your lord with the Cold One Cavalry with warbanner.

1 unit of 2 salamanders will be more effective than 2 units of 1.

30-06-2009, 13:19
I would actually recommend changing the BSB onto the skink warchief. He doesn't get a magic banner, but he can act as an awesome tarpit with LD7 cold blooded stubborn rerollable. Also easier to make sure he's in the right place with monster movement.

Then change the current saurus scar vet into: light armour, enchanted shield, piranha blade, cold one. Gives him a 0+ armour save, T5, double wounds, which makes him very good at challenging. Also provides fear immunity to a unit of saurus.

I would argue for another cold one over the war banner. They take casualties easy enough (both is obviously better).

You can make your lord a lot cheaper for only a slight decrease in effectiveness. Taking a halberd and shield (shield if he needs it). Still has 5 S6 attacks and 1+ armour (option of 0+). Or you could go the other way and take Blade of Revered Tzunki + Glyph Necklace to add some much needed armour penetration to your saurus units.

dwarf lord
30-06-2009, 14:01
Thanks for the feedback guys. The SKrox units already have a musiccian, I just forgot to put it down. Thats why the points are off on them. If I swith the Old Blood to halberd and shield vs sword of might and Maiming shield I'd have enough points for another Cold One Cav. I just worry about not having a magic weapon w/ all the ethereals running around out there.