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30-06-2009, 14:02
The forces of Destruction have suffered back to back losses and now with Doomspike Manor under the torch, the village of Smalhof looks to be taken.

As the Imperial army closes in on the determined chaos defenders, horns sounded within the forest.

A large horde of beastmen comes forth, pouring from the dark forest and hitting the Imperial army hard on the flank.

This could be a turning point in the campaign... and one that Destruction must take advantage of!

The scenario is Flank Attack from the Main Rulebook. THe forces of Destruction are the flanking force.

They really need to pull this battle off, or risk losing more troops for the final battle at Charon's Hold.

07-07-2009, 02:08
You really need to update the web site.

Are the flank attack rules in this rule book or the old one? I couldn't find it... Could you post a summary of the rules?

07-07-2009, 02:23
Hey Icedcrow, sorry to bother you with this but... You re signature says that you've won 19409 battles and suffered 1 loss. My question is, have you been using your army to clean up the sewers of a skaven here and there? If so, I feel sorry for your loss :p

edit: oh it was a draw... what hapened !? :)

14-07-2009, 14:54
Is this campaign even still on?

14-07-2009, 16:38
I'm still playing the campaign on my own and accepting scores though it would seem interest from the general public died after turn 1.

;) My W/L sig is a joke. I just figured everyone else was posting their great W/L records, and I think half have to be fiction so I put my fiction up too.

Ultimate Life Form
14-07-2009, 16:42
So how long will you accept scores for round 3?

14-07-2009, 17:42
until the end of the month when i post turn 4.

14-07-2009, 23:07
Why haven't you updated the web site?

15-07-2009, 02:17
Because no one is really using it and it's a lot of work for something no one is using =)

15-07-2009, 13:31
Well I'm afraid I'm out then.

My empire opponent only really saw this as legit because of the site, and without him Morkos campaign is over :(

Too bad more people didn't take part. I tried to run my own online campaign a while ago and it never even got off the ground so you did better than me :D

Ultimate Life Form
15-07-2009, 18:21
Shucks. Well, I suppose the whole thing is falling apart then. What's the problem with the players? I thought participating in something like that would be enormous fun. I mean, it gives your games some kind of meaning. You don't just shove around some units, you really have something worth fighting for and giving it your best! You fight over the destiny of an entire province! What could you possibly want more? Most people here are playing Warhammer all the time anyway, so they might as well send the results in and become part of something bigger. When I first heard of this idea, I thought it would easily attract hundreds of WarSeers, and I pitied you for having to cope with the flood of results, but as the number of participants obviously does not even warrant a site update, I'm really dissappointed.:( Seeing as my usual opponent doesn't have much time for gaming at the moment anyway, it is quite possible that we too may have to quit. It's a shame, really!