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30-06-2009, 14:07
Hi guys. This is my first 2000 pts army list, meant mostly for friendly play. Tell me what you think of it.

Chaos lord /w daemonic mount, shield, MOS, armour of damnation, favour of the gods, rapier of ecstacy, diabolic splendour, acid ichor.

sorcerer /w lvl 2, MOS, chaos steed (barded) power familiar, dispell scroll, conjoined homunculus

10 chaos warriors /w MOS, shields, full command

10 chaos warriors /w MOS, AHW, full command

5 marauder horsemen /w MOS, shields, spears, throwing spears, musician, chieftain

5 warhounds

5 warhounds

5 knights /w MOS, full command, blasted standard

3 ogres /w MOS, full command, chaos armour, great weapons


2 spawn

1999 pts

30-06-2009, 14:14
-I would downgrade the Chaos Lord to an exalted, you won't lose a lot of punch.

-Imho the conjoined haemonculus is kinda wasted with only a lvl2, so is the lvl 2 upgrade itself imho. Why not make him a scroll caddy with some combat punch?

-Take the warriors in units of 12, deploy them 6x2 with shields and halberds and watch them annihilate anything they face (well, almost anything :p)

-5 marauder horsemen /w MOS, shields, spears, throwing spears, musician, chieftain
That makes no sense imho. Just give them flails or throwing axes with MoS and they will do fine.

-You spend a lot of points on full commands wich are pretty much wasted in a WoC list. Drop the FC from the knights and ogres and upgrade them to Dragon Ogres with GW imho.

That would make your list a lot more competitive I reckon.

30-06-2009, 15:09
Damn, I was gonna wrote a reply, but Makina really said it all already :D