View Full Version : Domandi's Plog(O&G, DE, VC)

30-06-2009, 14:56
Hello all, I am going to start a log of my own. Hopefully it will inspire me to paint some more.

Gonna start with my newly painted NG shaman. I am very happy with the way he has turned out.

The armies I own are O&G, Dark Elf and Vampire Counts. Now, I started collecting about 16 years ago, and some of my painting dates back to then. I will soon post some of the other stuff I have done.

Hopefully you guys enjoy.

- Domandi

30-06-2009, 16:30
That's a nice shaman.

01-07-2009, 02:47
Thats a nice picture of him too. Nice job. Will be interesting to see some old work and see how your painting has developed. i found my first painted Stormvermin a while ago and its basically some gold, a pink tail, grey fur and some slopped on green on the "cloth". lol Are you working towards a completed army of one of your 3?