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le bard
30-06-2009, 22:28
hello everyone, as stated before, i think that somehow the Dark Eldar codex i ordered from amazon.com has some crucial omissions.

for example, nowhere are vehicle upgrades mentioned in the codex
and also, the DE errata mentions a piece of wargear known as the "goblet of spite" which doesn't appear to be in the armory section.

the one i got is the first print of the codex (i think).

was this normal in all of the first printings, and i can i find the missing information somewhere?

edit: also there's no mention of xenospasm grenades.

30-06-2009, 22:30
That is normal in the first printing, I am afraid. The second printing had some major changes, like vehicle upgrades, more Wargear, several points changes, rules changes on Wyches etc.
There used to be an update on the web, but that is also riddled with errors because it was an early version before the 2nd print, and was slightly changed in the 2nd print again.

30-06-2009, 22:32
This was normal. The reason for the '2nd edition' of the DE Codex was that they forgot to include the vehicle armoury in the original printing. The second print also allowed for a Wych cult that didn't include Lelith Hesperax and added a few wargear items, including the Goblet of Spite you mentioned.

30-06-2009, 22:34
I am afraid your codex is broken. It would take a sustained investment by GW to fix it. This isn't likely any time soon. That is all.

le bard
30-06-2009, 22:35
if it can't be found online anywhere, would someone mind posting the extra information for me?

30-06-2009, 22:52
Technically I wouldn't mind, but we are not allowed to due to forum rules, and it is quite a lot of rules.

30-06-2009, 22:58
hello everyone, as stated before, i think that somehow the Dark Eldar codex i ordered from amazon.com has some crucial omissions.

Did you order it recently?
If so, send it back and tell them to send you the right one.

30-06-2009, 23:01
Our collective condolences if you ended up purchasing a 1st edition Dark Eldar codex, but your options are either to find a copy of the 2004 Chapter Approved to get just the additional rules, or to attempt to purchase a 2nd edition Dark Eldar codex. Unfortunately, at this date I expect that finding a copy of the old Chapter Approved books would be worse than just buying the replacement codex new.

Please note that the 2nd edition codex differs from the 1st edition codex visibly due to a white "seal" on the front cover with '2nd Edition' written on it. That should help to avoid mistakenly purchasing another 1st edition.

le bard
30-06-2009, 23:01
alright, well thanks anyway.

i think i found that old list of changes that was mentioned, and i'll probably use that until i can find something more recent.

01-07-2009, 06:42
If there's Hellions with Punishers in it, it's the one before the new print. In the actual 2nd codex they're just as bad as in the old book ;)