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08-05-2005, 04:02
I am starting a khorne demonic legion list and i wanted to now what you guys thought of my list well here it is:

Bloodthirster 650

15 bloodletters 240

15 bloodletters 240

15 bloodletters 240

3 bloodcrushers 240

chariot of khorne
w/ 2 juggernauts 190

chariot of khorne
w/ 2 juggernauts 190

total 1990

10-05-2005, 22:31
well, i think any army that has fast cav or any of that sort will lead you around by the short and curlies and will make sure you lose any combat via force unit to attempt charge then flank charge, i think khorne is a poor choice for a daemonic legion but that could just be me

11-05-2005, 03:03
I don't play daemons so you don't really have to pay attention to me. You need at least one daemonic herald with an icon. Also think about aunit of furies.

Khorne is alwaays going to be hard to play so you have to really be a good general to do well with this army.

13-07-2005, 22:16
i think thats a good army, i've got a simalir one, i have 2 units of 20 bloodletters, an exalted deamon prince or herald is a must for extra dispell dice, i find i get slaughterd by magic :( , i have never tried blood crushers personly i do not like the amount of money you have to forf out, i take flesh hounds in 5's to neglate ranks with my bloodletters taking the main beating or swap the flesh hounds with the chariot (they are bargins, i haven never lost any of my chariots yet, and they have genraly got double thier point cost back). and as far as i know the charoits do not have to charge as the jugganorts are not frinzied so you can give the support where you need it with them. and a blood thirster just kicks anything

User Name
14-07-2005, 05:18
chariots do ahve to charge but since they get a free wheeke yuo just shoy your ass to the enemy until you are ready to cahrge, My lord of nurgle took 2 turns to deal with one of those last time I faced one, they are indeed nasty, unless you can charge them and beat the frenzy out of them in the first turn of combat.

14-07-2005, 08:00
As no one has said it yet, this thread should be in the army list section, if a mod sees this could they please do the honours?

The chariot moving backwards doesn't work, the first turn it move and wheels to face the wrong way, so next turn it cant charge and must turn around to move forward, using its free wheel, by that point a clever enemy will have a unit of hounds/skirmishers/throwaway troops to lead it into a forest or other bad position.

The army above is pretty solid but all frenzy armies are never going to be easy to play, good generals could have you running around in circles most of the game without ever getting into combat.

Ordo Hereticus
14-07-2005, 11:49
I have the same problem with my bubonic court army, though i can sit back and use magic for a while, but eventually when the enemy get close i have to go charging off.

It can be solved the, i've seen a khorne daemon legion win many tournaments (granted this was the same girl using them though) and it was pretty impressive.

She angled her unit of blood letters and bloodcrushers to trap her daemon prince in, so it only had 1 path it could go down, kind of like a sling shot, and it worked.

Bloodcrushers are damn nasty, and a pain to kill with T5, same as the chariots.

Invest in some furies, they will save your weak T3 bloodletters by killing warmachine crew and skirmishin archers etc.

14-07-2005, 15:11
Yeah personally I'd get fewer, larger units of bloodletters. The Unholy Icon is also very cool and since it can only go on one unit it's tempting to put it on a larger unit to get everything out of it you can.

The larger unit is good for unit strength (important for fear) and rank bonus down the line.

A daemonic herald with the greater icon is also very good. Rerolling the instability test is critically important. Also with the mark of khorne he's +1 dispel dice, bringing you to 3 total (which is still incredibly bad despite the magic resistance on everything). You can put him on a juggernaut or daemonic mount and have him lead the bloodcrushers, giving them +1 combat resolution for having a standard too. He's good in a chariot too. Give him the war banner for even more.

I also recommend some furies, and fleshhounds are so cheap you should try and squeeze at least one unit of 5 in.