View Full Version : Blasphemous Amulet Vs Engine of the Gods

01-07-2009, 09:11
The Blasphemous Amulet says every enemy model in Base to base contact with the wearer must take a toughness test or lose a wound. How would this effect the Stegadon with Skink character rider? Would the crew, stegadon and Skink character all take a test? Would the stegadon and a random member of the crew and character take a test? Anyone know how this would resolve?

Gazak Blacktoof
01-07-2009, 10:59
Q. Does the Bloodskull Pendant inflict a single
hit on a multipart model (mounted character,
Stegadon) or one hit on each component? If a
single hit, how is it distributed?
A. It’s a single hit (as a multipart model is still
‘one model’), randomized as shooting.

I'm not sure what book the blasphemous amulet is in but I'd use the warriors of chaos FAQ as precedent and say it hits one random part.

Hope that helps.

01-07-2009, 11:24
Uhhmmm, isn't tt the same effect as the Plague Censer Bearers in the skaven army, I recal that in that case every one in base contact take a toughness check, including the crew and characters. (Something about a similar rule with templates and mounts with several riders, if the mount is fully covered everyone, including rides duffer a "hit")

01-07-2009, 11:35
I'd say it hits every Skink and the Stegadon itself (not that this would be that effective anyway...)
The Blasphemous Amulet's rules say "...every model in BtB (including monstrous mounts)". It would be rather counter-intuitive when only one of the skinks has to test when it already states that everything in btb is affected and includes even monstrous mounts in this wording.
But there is no definite RAW answer to this I think though.