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02-01-2006, 19:55
I have noticed a lot of comments in the army list section on what people think of Ogres and how to build "competitive" (as much as ogres can be) lists so I would like to start a Tactica and organize everyone's thoughts on them. I would like to start with characters. Since ogres are severly limited in their lord choices lets skip straight to Tyrants.

How do you Equip your Tyrants?

Do you even take one in 2,000 points or do you like to save the points and take lower level hero's to lead your army?

My answer is to make my Tyrant the heart of my army as he has the leadership to make sure your ogres hold around him and I give him Kineater to ensure they don't break from panic. Those are well worth the 70 points in my opinion not even counting the boost in stats. As for equipment I always give him the Cathayan longsword, wyrdstone necklace, heavy armor, and brace of handguns. The hand guns for picking off people when i don't march and the longsword give me 6 ws7, i5, -3 armor save attacks on the charge. I've also been toying with giving him the Gutplate that gives him wounds if he wins challenges plus it gives him a 4+ armor save to go with the 5+ ward.

02-01-2006, 20:21
i think that he needs the wyrdstone necklace, and a magic armour so that he has 4+ armour save and 5+ ward save, as for weapons I give him greatweapon, or Cathanyan longsword if i dont meet hevy armour armies

02-01-2006, 20:22
There is already an Ogre Tactica (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2412). Look under the sticky to find the links to all the tacticas.

As for setting up the Tyrant, I find Kineater to be a waste. Ignoring panic within 6" of the Tyrant isn't that helpful. You will only really affect his unit, and maybe 2 others due to its short range, but I don't like to pack my units that close if I don't have to, space helps avoid panic. Besides, if you are in range of Kin Eater, you can test off the Tyrant's Ld9, which is usually pretty good for testing an unmodified panic test.

02-01-2006, 20:45
sorry, i couldn't find that and i put in a tactica search and everything so well then i guess we can just let this one die :)