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18-03-2005, 23:06
exalted of nurgle 180
enchanted shiled,
sword of might

6 chosen knights 370
mark of nurgle
full command

12 chosen warriors 284
full command

25 marauders 200
full command

12gor/8ungor beastherd 131
full command

4 minotaurs of nurgle 261
full command
great weapons

and im not sure wether to take 5 centigors or 5 marauder horsemen with muscian

For expansion to 2000 I wan thinking of taking a lord 20 pestigors and that leaves me with about 100 points to play around with, any suggestions?

09-04-2005, 09:11
*bump :D*

In an army like this, I like Horsemen with flails and horn better than Centigors with any configuration - Centigors are weaker versions of Chaos Knights, which you already have.

With around 100 points left, I'd go for either

2x5 Warhounds and 2 Nurgling bases (110)
2x5 Warhounds and a Beast of Nurgle (105)

Warhounds aren't much use in a straight fight, but they can shield your Knights and Minotaurs. Or, alternatively, hold them back and claim/deny table quarters with them in the last turn (my preferred use).

The Nurglings can screen your Chosen footsloggers (they aren't Small, but they do have a decent save and a -1 To Hit), and they can be very useful to assist those warriors in a fight, thanks to their cloud of flies, multiple attacks and extra Fear-causing unit strength. As a last resort, they can claim table quarters as well, if they remain intact (don't count on it).

A Beast is useful as a speedbump/tarpit. Great to get in the way of flankers as well, since those guys normally lack the punch to smash through 3 T5 wounds. Also great to get in combat with your footsloggers, since the enemy won't be able to pursue if things go wrong.