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The SkaerKrow
03-07-2009, 16:47
I had an idea in mind for a conversion project, which would see me taking up the mantle of the benighted Daemons of Chaos for change. Unfortunately, I've got absolutely no Daemons of Chaos experience, so my knowledge of playing as these guys is a little incomplete. Below is my first draft of the list.

Great Unclean One 645pts
Level 4 Caster
Staff of Nurgle
Nurgle's Rot

Herald of Nurgle 165pts
Battle Standard Bearer
Noxious Vapors

Herald of Nurgle 265pts
Level 1 Caster
Palanquin of Nurgle
Noxious Vapors
Soul Hunger

12 Plaguebearers 199pts
Full Command
Standard of Seeping Decay

12 Plaguebearers 199pts
Full Command
Standard of Seeping Decay

12 Plaguebearers 150pts

5 Chaos Furies 60pts

5 Chaos Furies 60pts

3 Nurgling Swarms 105pts

2 Beasts of Nurgle 200pts

2 Beasts of Nurgle 200pts

Points: 2,248

Comments and suggestions are welcome. Two things must remain consistent however; the Great Uncle Leon must remain in the list, and in order to stay in my theme, I plan on staying mono-Nurgle.

03-07-2009, 16:54
Question: do you really need the furies?

The SkaerKrow
03-07-2009, 16:58
My thoughts behind the Furies is to employ them to do traditional flier stuff: march block, sack war machines and be annoying. The other reason that I included them was to give myself a bit more variety, since otherwise the army is rather slow and infantry-like (yes, I know that's my own fault for going with Nurgle over some of the more dynamic powers).

03-07-2009, 17:15
I totally AGREE with the furies ... Nurgle demons needs their little flies to do their fly thing ... Though it to look nice I think you should come up with the plan of some big Flies ... Models

though I am a bit worried about that GUO ... ofcourse this is me talking but would it be stronger with Trappings and and staff or trappings and that puking thing ....

03-07-2009, 18:29

some ideas

The staff is great in theory but in practice you only get one or two uses of it
before combat usually its dispelled and when it does get cast your doing 1 or 2d6 s5 hits for 50pts. its overpriced

better ways to spend 50pts
trappings on your GUO (a lifesaver)
palanquin for bsb
more plaguebearers
great standard of sundering
more furies
half a beast of nurgle

whilst im at it drop the nurglings furies do the job better and summoned nurglings are so much cooler